Tuesday, April 24, 2012

After the Slap

Basketball Wives picked up back at the racetrack, right after the infamous slap in the face (from Nia to Jennifer). Again, this is NOT a recap. If you're looking for a recap, click here. This is an OPINION-based blog, meaning, I will give my opinions about each of the ladies based on this episode and also take into consideration the rest of the current season. These are MY opinions, and I stand by them.

Shaunie: You should have been a lot harder on Nia for getting physical with Jennifer. Use your authority, lady! Shaunie's grade for the week: D (because I think she could have made it clear that Nia was wrong).

Tami: You cracked me up this week. I know you got physical with people in the past, but you have a way of re-enacting these fights that just tickles me. And I thought it was funny that you said you needed to hang with Kesha to make sure you're not in the line of fire next time. Tami's grade for the week: A (because, you guessed it, she made me laugh!).

Evelyn: Well, last week, we saw you get overcome with emotion because Jennifer put Nia down for not having enough money. And people read you for talking smack about Royce's clothes back in the day. I'm thinking maybe you realized how wrong that was? Or maybe it was just an excuse to be mad because you needed one so you could be in on the fight. I will say, it is wrong to put people down for not having what you have, so if you're sincere, I think that's a noble stance to take. But, jumping over the table was definitely a bad move, Moving on, your birthday was hilarious. The dress code was apparently high-end hooker-chic, complete with stripper pole. And the car. That's a sweet birthday gift, I must say. Evelyn's grade for the week: D (I can't quite tell if she's sincere or just needed one more reason to be upset at Jennifer).

Jennifer: I can't say I blame you for pressing charges, and truthfully, it's not a surprise, because you served the ladies with papers saying that you would do that if they got physical with you. So, really, you're just following through on your threat/promise. I don't feel sorry for you because you sat there and told this angry woman "I wish you would", and she did. And you just sat there. Did you think security was going to stop her? Also, just FYI, they keep bringing up your new friends because they think that's why you've changed so much. Duh! Anyway, she hit you and you're pressing charges. Fine. Then, there was some contrived scene with you and Kenya taking a self defense class. That seemed so fake to me. Jennifer's grade for the week: D (because she should have stood up or at least walked away!)

Suzie: You behaved yourself this week!! Proud of you, gurl! Suzie's grade for the week: A (because I want her to keep it up).

Royce: I thought the commercial - I mean date night - at Dave & Buster's was a lot of fun. You do look extremely happy with Dezmon. I just can't stop thinking about the preview of next week of you fighting with your dad. What the hell is going on? Royce's grade for the week: A (for being so happy with her new man).

Kesha: You were brave to tell Evelyn to calm down. I just hope you're not the next one to suffer her wrath! Kesha's grade for the week: B (for speaking her mind, but don't get popped!).

Kenya: Your scenes with Jennifer were kind of boring because you're just agreeing with everything she says. I don't blame you for wanting to be on someone's good side. You need friends right now. And nice punches in the self defense class, by the way. Kenya's grade for the week: B (for playing the part of Jennifer's new BFF beautifully).

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