Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fully Committed

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is winding down, with the finale just a few days away, and the reunion to follow. All the storylines are almost all tied up, and the ladies seem to be getting along a lot better now. I still love this show, even though it has seen its ups and downs. I can't help it, though, I'll always have love for my Atlanta Housewives.

Kim: I'll start with you because you got engaged, and I am very happy for you. Kroy is an amazing person. Congratulations. However, I cannot bring myself to watch your wedding on tv. Although Kroy is extremely likable, you are not. I do think you're funny sometimes, but your overall attitude and arrogance turns me off. As does your "side boob". So, I will not only be tardy for the wedding, I will be absent. Anyway, back to the episode at hand, I enjoyed your conversation with Cynthia and I thought you two worked things out in a civilized manner. I don't like how you kept bringing Nene up, who wasn't even there when Cynthia made her comment, but we all know you don't do well with little things like actual facts. Also, if you didn't enjoy Phaedra's event (or Willy's event, I should say), all you had to do was get up and leave. No need for rude comments. Kim's grade for the week: D+.

Nene: First of all, congratulations on Glee and your newest pilot! I am so proud of you. I hope you do move to Hollywood and maybe have some cameos on the OC and Beverly Hills Housewives. That would be great. But I really think it's time to put your acting to work for you. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in everything you do. I loved the scene where you're at the bar just asking all your friends in the entertainment industry for advice (hey, Rudy!!). You're thinking about your future and the future of your family, and I love that. I didn't think it was very nice to complain about Willy's/Phaedra's event, so I gotta call you out on that. I also don't love the preview for next week, where Creepy John is giving you more gifts. You have to explain where all that is going. Nene's grade for the week: B.

Phaedra: I think I'm going to compile all your "donkey booty" quotes and make a special book for all us booty-nistas out there. You've got a lot to say about your ass, girl! But it's funny, so I'll take it. I liked your mock-funeral-service-arrangement-consultation, the actors were very convincing. I could see you were nervous, but you pushed through it and the funeral home director was impressed with you. Although, some of your statements sounded a little less than sincere at times. At one point, I was wondering if dollar signs were gonna pop up in your eyeballs, but hey, everyone wants to make money, so I'm not going to fault you for your enthusiasm. It was funny that all the girls had a problem with Willy's event where you were going to make your announcement. Did you not tell them what the event was for? Phaedra's grade for the week: B.

Kandi: I'm happy you're so excited about your adult toy line, but I have to admit, it's a little ... gross to have to watch you and your colleagues talk about it in detail. Just not my cup of tea. Kandi's grade for the week: C.

Cynthia: I gotta say, that wig you were wearing on your lunch date with Kim was EVERYTHING. I loved it. Now, about the episode, you were a little put off by Phaedra's event but you didn't show it as much as, say Kim did. I didn't like that you called it a waste of an outfit and a wig (although that's a great line), because you showed up for Phaedra, and like it or not, you had to stay for the whole thing. It is what it is. I hope people start realizing that you are your own person, and Nene is not in charge of you. Hell, most of your scenes this season haven't even been with Nene at all! I see you as your own person, and I like you a lot. Your modeling and fashion school looks like it's going to be a great success. I hope we see some of the models you discover in the finale. Cynthia's grade for the week: B.

Sheree: I definitely think it's nice Kim told you about her engagement first and in private. It is nice to see that you two are such good friends. But I can't help but wonder when you'll have your next falling out. There does seem to be a cycle there. Anyway, you were bored at the Phaedra/Willy thing, too, and like I said before, there really was no need for it. When you commit to being at an event, you gotta sit there and smile for your friend. That's all. No complaining necessary. Sheree's grade for the week: C.

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