Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Nene, You're Not

Well, friends, we've come to the end of another season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Part 3 of the Reunion is over and done with. I could have done without a lot of the screaming and yelling back and forth, but hey, that's just me. I think the best moments were when a couple of the ladies just spoke honestly and calmly. Well, maybe not so calmly, but you get the idea.

So, until season 5, let's say goodbye to our Atlanta ladies.

Phaedra: You kept it classy on Part 3, just as you did on Part 1 and 2, and I can't fault you for that. I'm interested in your Donkey Booty workout dvd, just because it sounds like it'll be hilarious. I think it's safe to say you'll be back for season 5. You definitely changed my opinion of you this season, so I give you lots of credit for that. Thanks for showing us another side of you on season 4. Phaedra's grade for the week: A (for making me like her, which was no easy task).

Sheree: It's for the best that you won't be back for season 5, whether it was your choice to leave or not. I thought it was appropriate that they showed that montage of you acting ... let's just say, LESS than elegant and sophisticated throughout the seasons. You were a terror this season, and you didn't even have a good storyline to back you up. This is what happens when you get bitter on a reality show. Just ask Jill Zarin. But seriously, you need to get a job, let She by Sheree die once and for all, and just be grateful that you were part of a hit tv show. Because really, you don't have anything to show for it, and you don't have anyone to blame but yourself. Sheree's grade for the week: F (because she's bitter with a capital B).

Kim: I think it's in poor taste for you to criticize anyone for dating older, wealthy men. It's actually in bad taste for you to judge anyone, period. In truth, you were dating an older, wealthy man and accepting his extravagant gifts. Fact. I'm not even going to go into the whole "mistress" thing, because your defense is, and has always been, that Big Papa was separated but not legally divorced, so your relationship with him was ok. Alright, let's just pretend you're in the right on that one (I'm not convinced, but let's just go there for the sake of argument), the fact is, you have no business condemning anyone else for doing exactly what you did in the past. I don't even like Marlo or what she said to you, but all you had to do was say, "Good for you, I did the same thing", and be done with it. You were beyond rude to Cynthia - she has just as much right to an opinion as you do, and you shouldn't have told her to shut up. Like it or not, she gets to speak at the reunion, too. I did think it was nice when you defended Kandi and told her she doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. That was nice of you. I also enjoyed seeing you say thank you to Nene for connecting you with the producers to get you on the show. It was great to see you appreciate that she did something for you that turned out to be such a blessing in your life. With that said, I still will not watch your show. I think you're a spoiled brat and I just can't bring myself to watch a show that's just focused on you. You haven't won me over enough. Sorry. Kim's grade for the week: C (I give Kim credit for the positive, but I'm not going to ignore the negative).

Nene: You were pretty funny on this last part of the reunion, especially when you checked Sheree again, "Let me help you out. If you need help, I'm your girl. You're ridin' with the wrong team". That made me laugh out loud. Yes, Nene, we believe you when you say you brought Kim and Sheree into the mix. I did think it was funny when they mashed up Kim and Big Papa's scenes with you and John's scenes. The similarities are undeniable - right down to the squealing. It actually made me kind of sad. But, you have a point, John is not married. You're the one in the middle of a divorce. So, you may have proven Kim's point that just the fact that you're in the process of a divorce means you're not doing anything wrong by dating someone else. I'm exhausted with this topic. Do what you want, gurl. Anyway, we're all happy for you getting the role on Glee. Like I said before, this should be your last season. Although, with the cordialness between you and Kim at the end of the reunion, I would be willing to retract that if you two were friends again. Let's face it, both of you need each other on this show. If you're not into that, then it really is time to go. Being Marlo's babysitter is not the look for you, and Cynthia will do just fine with the ladies on her own. I got some of the love for you back (not all of it) on the reunion as a whole, because I really do believe you're doing the best you can. We may not like the path that you're taking, but it's your path and your journey and I still have love for you. Nene's grade for the week: C (she made me laugh, but it's time to go).

Marlo: I'm glad you apologized for using the "F" word. That was definitely a plus for you. However, going below the belt with the other ladies was very unnecessary and uncalled for. You have no room to talk, not even about Kim. The fact is, you're the one with the rap sheet, and you're the one that's been consistently called out as being an escort and a liar. Now, I would take Kandi's word over yours any day. If Kandi wants a boy toy, she can have one, because she's got it like that. You, on the other hand, haven't proven yourself to have the best judgement. So, maybe you need to just leave everyone else alone and focus on getting yourself together. I think you want to be the next Nene, and even though she called you Baby Nene, you don't get that title, because Nene started out being likable. You didn't. Marlo's grade for the week: F (she should definitely NOT be on season 5).

Cynthia: I applaud you for speaking up and standing up for yourself in Part 3 of the reunion. I think you are your own person, but I think you could have done a better job of articulating yourself. I could see where you were going at times, but you didn't finish your thoughts, so it wasn't totally clear what your point was. I still think you'll be great on season 5, especially if Nene doesn't come back. Then the other ladies will have to engage and interact with you and they won't be able to accuse you of acting differently around Nene, because she won't be around! I like that you went toe to toe with Kim, and all she could do was mock you, while you said your piece. Others may not have appreciated that, but I did. Cynthia's grade for the week: C (she needs to get ready for season 5).

Kandi: You defended yourself incredibly well against Marlo's crazy accusations. And you let us know, you have no problem taking care of your man, or any man for that matter. The fact is, you don't and your man has a job and his own money. I believe you. Marlo looked crazy for trying to embarrass you like that. I kind of enjoyed watching you take her down! I think you need to nurture the friendship with Cynthia a little bit more. You and Cynthia could be really great friends. I just see it for some reason. I'm happy that you're in love and your business ventures are taking off. We really are proud of you. Kandi's grade for the week: A (even when she got mad, she made sense, which is more than I can say for some of the other ladies).

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