Sunday, April 22, 2012


The premiere of Kathy Griffin's new talk show, Kathy, was super funny. I really loved it, and I have high hopes for the rest of the season. Here's just a few things that I really loved about the show:

Maggie. She's back in our lives, and I'm so happy to see her again.

Tiffany. First of all, she looks amazing, and she still has a great laugh. She serves as a kind of Andy Richter, and she does an awesome job.

The civilian panel. Kathy has a panel of non-celebrities talk about celebrities with total abandon and no fear of getting banned or blacklisted. It's like the conversations we all have on Twitter happening on a couch with Kathy as the hilarious moderator.

The staff. Kathy has a whole new set of staff members to torture and it's going to be funny as hell. But, where's Tom?

The set. It's so beautiful and sparkly and fun. Totally perfect for our girl Kathy.

I'm really looking forward to next Thursday's show. Kathy is staying true to her comedy, which I love. I'm glad she's not being forced to conform to anyone else's ideas of what she should do or what she should say. Kathy does best when she's just flying by the seat of her pants. Speaking of pants, Kathy looked great on the episode. I want her glam squad.

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