Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Sorry again for the delay, I promise, I will be blogging away tomorrow. I will get all caught up, believe me. For now, I want to talk about Shahs of Sunset's season finale and a few details from the last few episodes, since I didn't get a chance to blog about them much.

The episode where Reza confronts his father was really moving. I loved that Reza's other family members (minus the grandmother) were totally open and welcoming towards him. You could see that his father was sorry for all the hurt, but still convinced there was no other way. I hope Reza and his father are still in a good place.

GG working on her anger issues is for the best. I can see she's a sweetheart deep down. And of course, a bad temper usually is just a defense mechanism anyway. Hopefully she can show a more mature side next season. That whole "mean girl" dinner where Asa's friend blasted GG was probably a turning point. It is hard to see yourself realistically sometimes - until someone forces you to do so.

Mike is generally a nice guy - and I don't think he should end up with GG by any means. And he's very handsome. I like him.

The blind date with MJ and Sammy was so ridiculous. Sammy is an a**hole for bringing MJ's ex. That's so wrong. There's a reason she's not with him. And anyone with half a brain could see she was NOT feeling him. Good for you, MJ, for running away. Run for your life!

While we're on the subject of MJ, the conversation with her mother was painful. Everyone has someone in their life like MJ's mom. Some of us are fortunate enough to not have to deal with them every day or even at all. But when it's your own mother, it's got to be awful. Stay strong, MJ, you are a great person. Don't ever forget that.

I truly fell in love with Asa throughout the season. She's cool, different, and talented. I cannot get "Tehrangeles" out of my head! And I don't speak Farsi! Just the fact that Asa was able to stay true to herself while pursuing her dreams makes me admire her even more. So, good for you, hun!

I'm so glad we're getting another season. I'm thinking Bravo didn't know if the show would work or not. It totally did. I loved getting to know everyone on the show, although some more than others. All in all, it was an awesome first season!

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