Tuesday, April 10, 2012


First, fellow Drag Race enthusiasts, let's have a moment of silence for Latrice Motha-F*cking Royale, please. I am devastated. I was crying when I saw the episode last night. I cried when I re-watched it today. And I cried when I watched John and Jon discuss it on Drag Ya Later. I really was not prepared to watch Latrice exit the building so soon. I had hopes that she would walk away with the entire competition. Now, I'm just left wondering what could have been. Damn ... let's get ourselves together, shall we? Because it was a spectacular episode.

Rose McGowan and Wynonna Judd were the guest judges with very different judging criteria, and a little tension, perhaps? This is one week I really didn't agree with Michelle Visage, (still love you gurl), I mean really? Chad's looks were on point! But hey, it's all in the past now. And who didn't adore Ru's dreadlocked 'do this week? I defy anyone to hate on that classic coif.

And can we talk about Dita Von Teese in the Gold Bar, by herself? LOL! I don't know if it was editing or what, but they definitely made it look like the girls totally ignored Ru telling them to go to the Gold Bar. It was like they didn't even acknowledge it. I would love for them to ask on the reunion what really happened and why they didn't follow Ru's instructions.

Let's get into the episode, kids.

Chad: I, for one, loved every single runway look you rocked this week, but my favorite by far, was the Puppy in Purse (Party Girl) look. The hair, the dress, it was EVERYTHING. As for the mini-challenge, you killed it. It was so shady and so funny - but I must point out that the shade was accurate, delivered perfectly, and very funny. That's why, to me, it didn't come off as mean at all. You can hold your own, but you're never nasty, and that's why I love you. To win the whole kit and kaboodle, I think you need to show some emotion on the runway with the judges and give them some tears. I also think you need to take a big risk in the final challenges, do something that's out of your comfort zone. It's now or never, lady. I loved your lipsynch, by the way, and that song took me so far back, I had flashbacks to the actual music video for that song. Congrats on making it to the big show, hun! Chad's grade for the week: A.

Latrice: You are one classy queen, my dear. I agree with John and Jon when they said you are one of the most beloved queens in Drag Race history. Now, in the mini-challenge, you were a little soft with Sharon. I think if you would have went for it a little harder, you could have won. Your runway looks were just ok, which makes me wonder what happened to the fabulousness we got used to seeing earlier in the competition? When we look back, you had much better looks than what you brought this week. I'm wondering if you were ready to go, because you positively broke when Michelle critiqued your outfit. And you mentioned that Sharon's been getting by with sub-par looks, while you've been getting harsh feedback. I think since you're so amazing, the judges have to give you something to work on, and maybe some of your outfits just weren't up to their standard. Either way, you revealed that you thought Sharon should go home, and that it was her time. Unfortunately, I disagree, and so did the judges. Your goodbye speech to Ru absolutely made me cry. You had me in tears. Your gratitude was so real, more queens need to be like you. We will forever love you, Latrice, for the laughs, the advice, the honesty, and of course, the shade of it all. Latrice's grade for the week: B.

Phi Phi: You're back to your crazy ways this week, and it doesn't really surprise me. It's like we're on a roller coaster with you. Sometimes you seem so cool and others, OMG. I cannot get over your makeup the last few weeks. It's not polished, sweetie. And the dark lip liner with the light lipstick is NOT the business. I'm sorry. You had a couple good weeks with your makeup and then you went totally backwards. I didn't get the Canine Couture look at all, and the hair you chose was all wrong. Also, you totally re-did Kenya's look from Episode 2, just with a doggie bone belt. Tsk, tsk. Don't think we weren't going to clock that! You were being super passive aggressive when Chad assigned you the bloodhound, but hey, you wouldn't have done any different if you had won the mini-challenge, so be real. The reason you didn't have to lipsynch for your life was your performance in the opening number, which was great, and your Puppy in Purse (Party Girl) look was really, really good. Now, that you're in the Top 3, do us all a favor and CALM DOWN. Just because Sharon said you don't have "family morals", she meant within the family you all have created at Drag Race, not back at home. You blew that up out of proportion so you could have an excuse to yell at her in front of the judges. But you totally misunderstood what she was trying to say. You didn't have a bond with the other girls because you were too busy trying to stab them in the back. In the finale, drop the whole strategy to win that you had going and just perform. When you focus on you instead of everyone else, that's when you really shine. Phi Phi's grade for the week: D.

Sharon: I loved your performance in the mini-challenge, I thought it was great. Your Dog Park look was so cute and I'm glad you did your pretty drag for us. I think you are really versatile when you put your mind to it. And it won the judges over big time. The Party Girl look was different and totally hilarious, which is your wheel-house. The winner was, of course, Canine Couture, thanks to those boots and that wig. It totally pulled everything together. Congrats on another win, also. I don't think you were lying about anything on the runway regarding Phi Phi. The best way to handle her from now on is to just stay away and don't give her anything to complain about. I know you two are probably cool now that the show is done taping, but I really don't like how she treated you and the other girls a lot of the time. Of course, we only see a fraction of what really happens, but as viewers, that's all we have to go on. My advice for you to win the grand prize is to keep giving the judges everything you've been giving all season. The sense of humor and quirkiness and all your personality and wit. I hope you and Chad are the Top 2, and after that, I'd be ok with either of you winning. Congratulations, again, on an awesome season and making it this far. Chad's grade for the week: A.

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