Thursday, April 12, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know

Glee's back!! Was anyone else a little disappointed with the slight predictability of this episode? I hate to say it, but it wasn't the best episode, by a long shot. However, there was some great moments. Let's discuss, shall we?

Quinn's not dead! But she is in a wheelchair, temporarily according to her doctors. Artie tries to prepare Quinn for the possibility that it may be permanent, and she flips out at him. Come on. Quinn's been every kind of bitch on this show, so it's really not that surprising that she gets all pissed off at Artie for telling her like it T-I-is.

Rachel and Finn are having problems. Wah. Seriously? We saw this coming a mile away. They didn't get married because of Quinn's accident and the whole New York/California fight is so annoying. Just break up already!!!

The best storyline, by far, was Blaine and his brother. Blaine's numbers, Fighter by Christina Aguilera and Somebody That I Used to Know, were the best of the episode. I loved the dynamic between Darren Criss and  Matt Bomer. I hope Matt comes back in future episodes.

Speaking of recurring characters, Nene Leakes went at it with Sue Sylvester once again, and it was very funny. Congrats, Nene!

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