Monday, April 16, 2012

Is Andy Okay?

Sorry it's taken me so long to blog about last week's run of Watch What Happens Live! Please forgive the delay. Let me ask you all a question before we talk about the show. Has Andy seemed a little less than enthusiastic lately? Is it just me, or is he not as energetic as he was before? I don't know why, but there were some moments where he just seemed to not be into it at all. Check out the clips and After Shows here, and let me know if you agree.

Sunday, April 8: MJ and Sammy from Shahs of Sunset. Very awkward show. Andy didn't seem to be into it at all. Sammy was rude to MJ. It was no bueno.

Monday, April 9: Monica and John Hickey. Not the best pairing, and John was very quiet. Not the best show, either. At this point, the week had no real bright spots.

Tuesday, April 10: Jeana Keough and Kristin Chenoweth. Now, this was a much better show. I'm not a big Jeana fan, but she played well with Kristin, who was AMAZING. Can Kristin be on every week? Please? She was the first real star of the week for me. And she usually brings the best out of Andy, which I appreciate.

Wednesday, April 11: Martha Plimpton and Billy Eichner. Another great show! I love Billy and I love Martha and they were really fun together. I wish Billy could be on the show every week as well. Andy seemed to have fun with this show, too.

Thursday: April 12: Cheryl Hines and Rachel Dratch. I loved this show. Rachel is one of my favorite funny ladies and I love that she and Cheryl agreed to show up in pajamas. It was a really good episode, and Sandra Bernhard's piece was awesome. Glad she's back. I can't wait to read Rachel's book!

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