Monday, April 9, 2012

Go, Lisa!

Sunday's Celebrity Apprentice was back down to 2 hours (still too long, honestly), but it was actually a really good episode.

I'll keep this blog brief because, frankly, not that much happened.

Lisa was vindicated because Lou totally did nothing important on the task at all. He whined and complained and made suggestions way too late in the game. And what's with his need to always be the star of the show? Stop it! Also, if their commercial starred Lou and Dayana, that story should have been a grandfather and granddaughter, not a romantic couple, please. Lou really needs to work on his approach with people. He has a very off-putting way of presenting his ideas - instead of being helpful it comes across as annoying. So, work on that, Lou. Incidentally, Lisa and Dayana worked very well together and I'm glad to see Lisa be open and honest about her change of heart about Dayana. They're both talented, but they just happen to be talented in different ways and it was nice to see them finally work together instead of against each other.

Aubrey and Arsenio also made peace with each other, which was nice to see. Aubrey finally tried to keep her mouth shut, but she wasn't totally successful. I found it hilarious that Ivanka pointed out that Aubrey chimed in when it wasn't exactly her turn to talk. But at least Aubrey's trying to tone it down a little. Teresa ended up winning the challenge as project manager, but not without squealing and squawking during the whole commercial shoot.

Can we just put all the celebs on one team and have them all fight for the win individually, like when the tribes merge on Survivor? I just want to see Lisa and Clay have a bitchy exchange more than anything I've ever wanted to see ever. Oh and speaking of Lisa, she totally shut Lou down in the boardroom after Lou said he'd throw her through the wall if she was a man. Thank you, Lisa, for putting the Hulk in his place and showing him where to go and how to get there.

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