Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jesus is a Biscuit and Other Favorite Moments

This week's Drag Race was a look back at the season and some bonus clips we didn't get to see. Since there were so many awesome moments, I have to just list my faves (in no particular order).

- Mama Michelle Visage doing her best Ru-impression, complete with sky-high blonde hair realness. I loved it! So much fun. And of course, when Ru slapped the sh*t out of her (not really). HAHA!

- Nurse! Willam, damn you, because I WILL be using that damn catchphrase from now on.

- The video auditions. I could watch those audition videos all day long. Everyone approaches it differently, but each one has certain things in common. Show the wigs, show the frocks, mandatory lipsynch, tell us why you'll win. And can I just say, the best audition moments were Chad/Cher in what looked like a locker room, and Sharon in an alley breaking a bottle. LIVING!

- The videos of the queens being told they were chosen. The joy! The tears! The absolute excitement! I was tearing up a little. That moment where you're told you get a chance to do something great. As Latrice said, "This is it! This is IT! THIS IS IT!" Yes, it is!

- Who knew Billy B was such a mean girl?! Don't you ever hate on Michelle Visage's look! EVER!

- Phi Phi in her audition tape saying queens should have each other's backs. Um, who are you and what have you done with Phi Phi O'Hara???

- Latrice giving us all the song in our hearts forever and ever: "Jesus is a biscuit, let him sop you up!" And the conversations that followed. No, Phi Phi and Jiggly don't know what that means, but Dida sure does. And speaking of Dida ... "CHEESECAKE!" LOL! That will never get old. I love it!

- Sharon and Alaska both auditioning for Drag Race. Alaska has auditioned before, this was Sharon's first time. Don't feel guilty, Sharon! Alaska has to make her own journey onto the show. Like Manila and Sahara - queens in a relationship aren't meant to be on the same season.

- RuPaul consulting Michelle Visage flapper-esque fortune teller for the WINNAH! I say the RuPaul/Michelle Visage talk show makes a comeback in 2012! Who's with me?!

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