Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who's Bill?

Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night was a Nene Leakes spectacular with special guest bartender, drag queen, Miss Golden Globe. I - needless to say - loved it.

Nene played everyone's new favorite game, Plead the Fifth, but she didn't reveal much. She actually plead the 6th to a question regarding the last time she was intimate with Gregg. Bummer! Give us the tea!

I especially enjoyed the game of the night, Bam! or Busted, where Nene critiqued some Golden Globes red carpet looks. Unfortunately for Kyle from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Nene wasn't feeling her choker or her hair-do, so she got a Busted.

Andy sent Psychic Rose (who was a big part of Kim's storyline on the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta) a picture of his palm to read, and Nene read him her findings: 1. He'll meet his soul mate this year. 2. He'll live to his late 80s. 3. There's something wrong below his waist and above his toes, which he needs to have checked out right away, but he's going to be fine. This last one really freaked Andy out. Listen, Andy, Rose is full of it. All "psychics" are.

Nene gave us her take on the Mama Joyce dinner, in a nutshell, she feels it wasn't any of Joyce's business. Nene said they're all grown women, and Joyce doesn't know the whole story. Ms. Leakes shared that she has grown a lot and she feels that Kim goes too far. I agree. Kim and Sheree are still talking negatively about Nene in their interviews, and in Nene's interviews, she hardly mentions them. So, you be the judge.

On the After Show, the fun continues as Nene giggles through some calls and says Phaedra's name-dropping is "a bunch of bullsh*t". Like most of us, she thinks Mauricio is a hottie, and she defends herself regarding accepting John's extravagant gifts. She says the Glee experience was great, as well.

I got through - I called after 8:30 and kept trying until someone picked up (the nice lady!) and she thought I was someone who was on hold. I clarified that I hadn't been on hold, but I really wanted to ask a question. The nice lady asked me to ask about Nene's relationship status with Marlo, and I agreed. Not ten seconds later, BAM! I'm talking to Andy and Nene. Nene giggled about Bill - had I missed something? - and Andy quickly says he's just a friend. Then Nene gives him a hard time about it before they ask me what my question is. I ask about Marlo and Nene says she likes her and they are friends. Andy brings up Marlo's recent statement about her assault charges, to which Nene responds that she really doesn't know anything about that. It's at this point that my call is ended. Not sure if they hung up on me or if I accidentally hung up with my face (it's happened before), but Andy says bye to me and I'm not there. Sad face. Watch my call here, I'm the first caller on this video clip.

Nene talks about Kim's daughters, who she had previously been close with, but she says she hasn't seen them lately but she likes them, which is nice. Andy can't quite get over Rose's prediction about his supposed ailment, and I actually feel bad because he looks so worried about it.

The best moment of the After Show for me was when Nene talks about fame. She likens it to winning the lottery - and having a magnifying glass on you at all times. Which we've heard from celebs before, but coming from Nene, she's giving it to us straight. Even the fact that she can't go to Target anymore. But, she's grateful because without this platform she wouldn't be where she is today. Then Andy shares that it was Nene who asked/begged Andy to do a reunion show for season 1 of RHOA since she had a LOT to say. So we have her to thank.

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