Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plead the Fifth

I'm gonna run through two episodes of Watch What Happens Live, mostly because I finally caught up on the After Shows today. They're splitting them up into three parts now! Boo! Come on, Bravo, give us one video for the After Show, please!

Anywhoo ... Monday night's guests were Camille Grammer sporting a side-pony and Anderson Cooper sporting major shade-throwing skills! He hated on the Kardashians, Kim Richard's boyfriend, Kim Richard's shiny neck-bow-tie top in her interviews, oh and he almost worked a Shake Weight. No joke. Camille was cute and likable, and she could hardly contain her laughter when Andy and Anderson (ooh, that sounds like a show in itself) would get into their witty banter. Sandra Bernhard made her first appearance on the show with her "Sandrology" segment, which was funny - but only if you like Sandra's style. She makes obscure references and has a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor, so if you're not a fan of hers, you're most definitely not going to like the segment. I liked it, I got most of her references, although I still have some googling to do, and I think she's funny. And, of course, they played Plead the Fifth, which I think should be a staple on this show from now on. The After Show was awesome, so make sure you check it out here. Everything was discussed, including Kelsey Grammer's claims that Camille cheated first and her friends Dedra and Nick (the one she kissed on the lips on season one) make an appearance.

Last night, Robin Thicke and Katrina Bowden (of 30 Rock) were on, and I have to admit it was a little boring. They played a game where they had to guess whether the photo they were looking at was a child's toy or a sex toy. Kiiiinda gross. Robin Thicke was a lot more fun than I thought he would be - I know he's a singer, but I haven't listened to his music - but he was playful and randy and fit right in at the Clubhouse. Katrina was just ok for me, she was a little too shy, so that kind of killed the vibe a little bit. Robin imitated his dad (Alan Thicke of Growing Pains) and he sounded EXACTLY like him! It was hilarious! The After Show was pretty good, so check it out here. We hear more from Robin Thicke regarding his marriage to hottie Paula Patton, his work with Nicki Minaj, and whether he wears underwear or not. Told you Katrina was boring!

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