Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Rolex

This week's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was like a cheesy rock ballad. It started off mellow, then crescendo'd into a screeching, squealing mess. The ladies got to South Africa but the excitement quickly turns to chaos.

Let's go!

Marlo: According to etiquette, when you show up on a vacation you weren't invited to, and start acting like an ass to everyone, it's expected that you will become the most hated person on the reality show you signed up to be on. That's what happens. You couldn't keep a lid on your crazy, could you? I'm so sorry that everyone is not as versed in manners and etiquette as you are. Maybe you and the Countess should get together and write a book about how to stir up shit and then pretend that you're above it all. Marlo's grade for the week: F.

Sheree: You could have came out of this looking like a champ, but instead, you sunk down to Marlo's level and engaged in a childish war of words like two morons. Every time you could maybe redeem yourself you manage to make yourself look even more immature and petty. Try letting people dig their own grave once in a while. Sheree's grade for the week: F.

Kandi: I do appreciate the fact that you're not afraid to respond when someone gets in your face. I've never seen you back down to anyone and I respect that. You had a bad feeling about this trip. You were right. I don't like the division in the group (Talls vs. Smalls) but you didn't create it. You dealt with it the best you could. Kandi's grade for the week: C.

Cynthia: People are accusing you of stirring up trouble this week. I don't see how you did anything different than anyone else on this trip. You did sound a little childish asking Sheree why the Talls weren't invited to her stupid dinner. You should have just gone out with Marlo and Nene and not given it another thought. Why bother with people who don't want to hang out with you? Cynthia's grade for the week: C.

Nene: I can't wait to see you break up someone else's fight for a change. Nene the Peace Maker has a nice ring to it. You were Marlo's babysitter the whole episode. How exhausting! Nene's grade for the week: B.

Phaedra: I totally understand your frustration with some of the women on the trip, so you pretty much get a pass on this episode. I feel your pain. Phaedra's grade for the week: A.

Kim: With Kroy away at football camp, you're left to fend for yourself and your kids. Isn't this what you did before Kroy came along? I won't be watching your spinoff show for reasons I've mentioned in previous blogs. Kim's grade for the week: C.

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