Friday, January 20, 2012

We Found Love

I am SO glad "Glee" is back!! I really missed this show. I'll be discussing major plotlines, so if you haven't watched the show yet, SPOILER ALERT!!!

So, Artie and Becky went out on a couple dates, but Artie eventually had to break things off because he doesn't have real feelings for her. Did anyone else love the fact that Becky's inner thoughts are narrated by Helen Mirren. So adorable.

Will and Emma talk marriage, but her parents are such judgmental douchebags, they actually make Will think twice about marrying Emma because of her OCD. Um, here's a thought, why haven't Will and Emma gone to couple's counseling yet? Is Emma getting any kind of treatment at all? Because that's really step one, you know?

Anywhoo, Will finally does propose and it is ... magical. I friggin' cried.

And I gotta shout out Ms. Nene Leakes as swim coach Roz Washington. She was AWESOME! Not like awesome for a reality star awesome, like really, really good! Not many people know Nene was an actress before Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she talked about going to do pilots every year on the Watch What Happens Live After Show on Sunday. So, good for you, Nene. Can't wait to see you back on the show on February 7th.

Now, let's talk about the biggest surprise of the episode. Seriously, WTF was Finn thinking proposing to Rachel??? Doesn't he realize that she's going to New York as soon as she graduates? Maybe this is all the build up to them breaking up. I wish he would have just given her a promise ring and not proposed. But maybe this will force Rachel to break up with Finn once and for all and find her Broadway producer husband and live happily ever after. Or something like that.

Mercedes still has feelings for Sam, and I think they're a great couple. Go for it, Mercedes!!

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