Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Million Dollars!

Watch What Happens Live is on five nights a week, and I'm so loving it, it's not even funny. The only thing that sucks is when a guest is annoying. And this is where Sunday's show comes in. Sherri Shepherd (The View) and Yvette Nicole Brown (Community) were the guests. Sherri was kind of irritating. Yvette was a doll. I honestly fell in love with Yvette - she was so fun and nice. Sherri was the exact opposite. She was rude, arrogant, and just plain off-putting. I'm familiar with her from The View and her work on 30 Rock and Everybody Loves Raymond back in the day. I never had a problem with her before (even when she said she didn't believe the Earth was round on The View a while back), but her attitude is just ... ugly. She ruined the whole show for me. The guest bartender was a Production Assistant named Omari and he seemed like a really cool guy. The After Show was alright, but like I said, Sherri stunk up the joint. Sorry ... just callin' it like I see it. Check out clips and the After Show here.

Monday's show was exponentially better than Sunday's - in part because Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville were really good guests. They were funny, fun, and honest with their answers to Andy's questions. That's what guests are supposed to do! Brandi spilled the tea on her fling with Gerard Butler, Lisa said Kim needed a makeover, and the adorable dog from the movie The Artist made an appearance. The bartender for the night was my boyfriend Kevin Lee!!! Ah! I love him! The After Show was a lot of fun, check out all the goodness here.

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