Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Losing It

Lanai is full of beautiful scenery, fun activities, and tense dinners on last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kim and her boyfriend Ken show up - a day late - and all hell breaks loose during Mauricio's birthday getaway. Back in Beverly Hills, Taylor and Dana spend some quality time together. 

Now that we're all up to speed, let's dish!

Taylor: Let's start with you. I liked your scene with Dana, although some of it seemed a little staged. I'm thinking you may have had to tape some scenes after the fact to have some continuity in your storyline for the show. I'm glad Dana was there for you - she seems very loyal. I don't blame you for being bummed that your BFFs were in Hawai'i while you were going through such a tough time, but I'm sure Kyle and Lisa wanted to be there for you more than anything. Taylor's grade for the week: A. 

Dana: I liked the softer side of you that we saw this week. You were supportive, kind, and loyal. Keep that up, and you'll win back a lot of Housewives watchers. Dana's grade for the week: A. 

Brandi: You toned down your flirting and took the time to actually hang out with the girls. You made Lisa laugh, so you just got 1,000 extra points in my book. I liked that you were more careful with your choice of words regarding Kim, and you didn't engage her at all, which was the best thing to do in that situation. Brandi's grade for the week: B.

Camille: I love that you throw yourself into every situation on the show. Snorkeling? Sure! Shots at dinner? Why not! You've proven that you're much more than the slightly kookoo Camille from season one. I think you're a great friend to the ladies on the show, and you know how to have a good time. Camille's grade for the week: A. 

Adrienne: I really enjoyed seeing you and Paul be affectionate with each other on this episode. We don't see that much - we usually see you two acting like the Bickersons - it was really nice to see you two being lovey dovey. I wish Ken hadn't come up on your totally innocent conversation with Kim, which was completely uncalled for, but you and Paul handled it well. Adrienne's grade for the week: B.

Lisa: You had fun on this episode and bonded with Brandi, of all people! Who'd have thought?! I'm glad you were there for Kyle with the whole Kim situation, and you're 100% right - Kim needed to learn her lesson. More on that later. I thought your advice to Kyle was "spot on", as the Brits like to say. Lisa's grade for the week: A. 

Kyle: I can't even imagine how frustrated you must have been throughout the entire Lanai vacation. Kim certainly knows how to get under your skin, and you let her do it to you every time. What would happen if you just not invite her to anything? I know she's out of rehab now, but hypothetically, at the time that you were planning Mauricio's birthday vacation, what would have happened if you just didn't invite Kim? I'm guessing you have a lot of guilt when it comes to her - that's why you feel the need to baby her and take care of her. But Kim's a grown woman who's making her own choices. I know there's more here than meets the eye. You don't like to be disrespected and you kept feeling like Kim was doing just that. And Ken wasn't helping. I say now that Kim's out of rehab, give her some space, don't take on the mother role, and resist the urge to include Kim in all of your functions. Especially if timeliness is a factor. Kyle's grade for the week: C. 

Kim: I know you've just gotten out of rehab, but I just want to reiterate what was so irritating about your behavior on this episode. Granted, you were drinking (I saw at least one beer), so you obviously weren't in the best mindset on this trip. First of all, why even show up? I think you know how Kyle is by now, and even if you weren't aware of how upset she was that you were late, were you not paying attention to the million and a half calls that went on between you two just the day before? Why would you come in and act like everything is ok - better yet, not even acknowledge Kyle at all when you arrived? Then, you make some stupid excuse for not getting to the island sooner, and then you get mad because people see right through your lies. Wow. And Ken. Ken is not a winner. More on that later, but just so you know, I'm so glad you're not with him anymore. Kim's grade for the week: D. 

Mauricio: Your toasts and roasts of Kim and Ken were understandable, but they didn't quite accomplish what you probably were hoping. Instead, Kim and Ken rallied together and dug their heels in. I, personally, wonder if it would have been better to send them packing as soon as the lies started the first night. But maybe you didn't want to uninvite two different couples in one season. Mauricio's grade for the week: C. 

Ken (Kim's Boyfriend): Seriously, Ken? I'm sure you had good intentions, but you are one creepy S.O.B. All I can say is: I'm glad that you don't care about hurting anyone else's feelings (re: your comment to Kyle at dinner), because we couldn't care less about you. Especially when your paranoia kicks in. Have fun on match.com. Ken's grade for the week: F. 

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