Thursday, January 26, 2012


Happy Thursday, everyone! The weekend is almost here, and no one is more ready for the weekend than yours truly. Let's talk about Tuesday and Wednesday's episodes of Watch What Happens Live, shall we? How are you all liking the show being on 5 nights a week? I'm enjoying it so far!

Tuesday's show was really laid back and cool, just like the sole guest, Mary J. Blige. She is so cool, ladies and gentlemen. What a genuinely nice person she seems to be. I would love it if every guest were as sweet and lovely as her. I love her laugh and her sweet demeanor. She played along with all the games and questions, and had a really great attitude. The After Show was fun as well, so check it out here.

Wednesday's show was great, too. Gail Simmons and Fabio Viviani (both from Top Chef) were in the clubhouse. These two were a lot of fun. They made fun of Fabio's butchering of the word "burger" from the Jimmy Fallon episode on Top Chef All Stars. That was hilarious! Gail is a sweetheart and has a lot of great stories about Top Chef - she's been there since the beginning. Check out the After Show here.

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