Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tic Tac Diet

Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday was super amazing and ridiculously entertaining. RuPaul and Tabatha Coffey were Andy's guests - it was a friggin' blast. Besides the fact that Ru looks beautiful in his man-drag, Tabatha was extra sassy with a side of sweet and sour.

Andy showed old pics of RuPaul and Tabatha from their childhoods - they were so cute! They also had a clip from when RuPaul was on Geraldo Rivera's talk show in the 80s, where she was giving hooker realness. Tabatha let it slip that last time she was in the clubhouse, she was less than pleased with Sheree Whitfield. Big surprise! RuPaul talked about being at the Sur Lounge launch party - he happens to be friends with Adrienne and knows Brandi - and he said there was drama EVERYWHERE. Ru also explained his Tic Tac diet, which is a classic Ru bit, and always a crowd pleaser.

Of course, Gaga vs. Madonna came up, and RuPaul was right when he said there's room for everyone, and feuds are good for record sales, so everyone is happy. Tabatha shared that she sometimes cuts her own hair - don't try that at home, kids! RuPaul talked about his book, Working It! (which is awesome), his album Glamazon (which is amazing), and his shoe line - RuPaul's Drag Race Pumps (which I NEED RIGHT NOW!).

The game of the night was a Fierce Off, where Andy gives a lame excuse and Tabatha and RuPaul take turns telling him off. RuPaul totally won. I mean, he actually said, "Your period just started", "A dingo is eating your baby as we speak", and "Your tracks are showing". Winner. Ru did win, he got a certificate and a gold lion medallion necklace. And all is right with the world.

Sandra Bernhard did Sandrology, and this time, Andy was right there next to her, keeping her on track the whole time. It was a lot better than last week. Sandra was hating on the movie Joyful Noise and Drew Barrymore's whale movie, too.

On the After Show, we got some juicy tidbits about Tabatha declining to appear on Celebrity Apprentice. What?! She would turn it out! But it's probably a good thing. Ru and Andy discuss Andy's potential drag name and Andy says he would be an ugly queen - he totally would NOT be ugly at all, by the way.

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