Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pink Guns

Real Housewives of Atlanta was pretty interesting this week - we had some makeups, some culture, some shooting, and some shade throwing, of course. Let us begin!

Kim: I'm going to be nice this week (somewhat) and say that I admired you for going to the shooting range to learn what that's all about. If it's something that's important to Kroy, it's better that you learn the right way to handle a firearm. I'm scared of guns, personally, but I do admire women who can handle a weapon. I'm not sure about taking the baby to the range, but that's neither here nor there. I'm sure he wasn't in any danger. I have to say, I think psychics are bullsh*t, so I really have no opinion on that scene. The dinner with Mama Joyce was tense, but I'm glad you were respectful to Kandi's mom and played along as much as possible. She only has good intentions. I think it was nice when you said, "never say never", when Joyce asked you if there was any chance you and Nene would ever speak in the future. Good answer. I like you so much more when you're not putting people down. I was disappointed that you didn't acknowledge Nene's presence at Joyce's dinner. Just to be polite, you could have said hi and it would have been over with. Also, in your interviews, you kept alluding to the fact that Nene is big (ie: can't help but see her), and that was just unnecessary. Grow up. Kim's grade for the week: C.

Phaedra: Did you really say it was a "powder in your panties" day? I'm just checking. You had some silly lines in this episode, that's for sure. I liked that you and Apollo met up with Cynthia and Peter. The beef between the two hubbies was so stupid and juvenile, I'm glad they let it go. I think the South Africa trip sounds fun, so good for you for trying to get these girls together. It's good to know you have hobnobbed with royals in Ghana, although I don't think the Vice President really knew who you were or even cared that much that you would be visiting the country soon. But bless your heart, all the same. You were pretty hilarious at the African Dance class, and I'm wondering if you're angling for a spot on Dancing with the Stars? You know, since you think Kandi wouldn't cut it. The scene at the museum was a little cringey, only because you kept molesting the mannequins. Hands off! This isn't a strip joint! Phaedra's grade for the week: B.

Cynthia: I was so glad to see you and Peter getting along in this episode, you guys even made peace with Apollo and Phaedra! I love it! I also loved that you called Nene immediately after to give her the scoop about the Africa trip. I'm guessing you'll have a lot more fun if she goes with you. Oh! And I LOVE the short bangs you were rocking! You were giving me early 90s realness and I loved every second of it. At Mama Joyce's dinner, you were right to remind Joyce that you can't force adult women to be friends, although I don't think she heard a word you said. I like that you were there for Nene, but you didn't jump in to the conversation too much. This isn't your fight. Cynthia's grade for the week: A.

Nene: You know you're my girl. You had a lot to say in this episode and you might be surprised to hear my take on it. First, I loved your reaction to the South Africa trip when Cynthia first called you about it. I believe it was something to the effect of, "I wouldn't even take a trip to the trash can with Apollo and Phaedra". Shady, but funny. Your meeting with John and his business partners was so interesting to me. I think it's so cool that you're building your business and it's all becoming a reality. However, I gotta be real with you and it pains me to say it - but you almost, ALMOST, sounded like Kim a few times. Such as, "I love a gift" (the Louboutins), "I learn a lot from him, and he gets to look at me" (creepy), and the fact that you negotiate with John based on the fact that he likes you. Now, I'm not hating on you getting your business taken care of. I think it's the fact that he is so over the top with his interest in you, personally. To your credit, you never flirt back - which separates you from the Kims of the world - but it would be even better if you told John to keep the Loubs and give you another couple projects instead. Now, let's talk about the dinner with Mama Joyce. You were visibly uncomfortable but you kept your composure. I love that. You said hello, even though you really didn't want to. I like how you explained your stance to Joyce - sometimes people go too far, and you can't move forward, no matter how much fun you had with them in the past. I love that you're going on the South Africa vacation (already saw the promos) - I think it's an awesome opportunity (once in a lifetime, like Joyce and Kandi said). I can't wait for that episode. I understand your resistance - Sheree's not the most desirable vacation companion at this point, but that should never stop you from such a wonderful opportunity. Besides, if Sheree sees you having fun, it'll only make her more jealous of you. Nene's grade for the week: B-.

Kandi: You seem to get caught in the middle a lot with these ladies, but you always speak your mind and you don't play games - which is why I think you're awesome on this show. The African Dance class was a great scene, and you told us something we didn't know - you don't think you're a good dancer. But what about the belly dancing class you killed a couple seasons back? I'm not the only one who remembers that! After the dance class, you spilled the tea on Marlo and her criminal background with Phaedra. I'd be a little freaked out too if I realized the girl I had beef with has no problem trying to stab someone. But I have a feeling you'd stand right up to Marlo if need be. Like you said, now you're ready for her. At the dinner with your mom, you brought up a great point: Do these women even remember what they're mad at each other about? Of course they do, but it seems so petty now. I wish they could let it go, but the animosity is still there. Your "girl group" analogy was perfect, too. That's exactly what this is like:  Supremes/Dreamgirls/EnVogue status drama. It was nice of you to encourage Nene to come with you girls on the trip, since you two don't have the best track record. The fact that you reached out probably helped a lot. You have the right attitude about the whole trip thing, too. You're gonna have fun, regardless. Kandi's grade for the week: A.

Sheree: I wish I could be nicer to you, but you leave me no choice, really. You've had the same storyline for four seasons, and it's still boring as hell. You're most entertaining when you're asking the question, "Who's gon' check me, boo?" But that was so long ago. I wanted to believe you when you told Phaedra you'd be a grown up and go on the South Africa trip even if Nene went. But I knew you couldn't be serious. At Mama Joyce's dinner, you were defensive and made it clear that you have no intentions on even having a civilized conversation with Nene. Then, in your interview, you mocked Nene saying, "the bitch has never been abroad". Well, with language like that, I'm surprised you're not a Goodwill Ambassador by now. I'm not saying Nene is high-society or anything, but you've got to know your role. You're not even the most popular cast member on this show. So, you really have no room to criticize Nene, who has skyrocketed past you in every aspect. Jealous much? Sheree's grade for the week: D. 

Mama Joyce: You were doing your best to talk some sense into these ladies, but it didn't quite work. I loved that you made it clear you don't party with your daughter, and you definitely aren't into the type of entertainment Ridiculous the stripper provides. Your words were wise and true, but you're dealing with some stubborn women. Hopefully they'll reflect on your words and have a change of heart. It was too funny when you realized you'd been sipping on alcohol the entire time! Mama Joyce's grade for the week: A. 

Next week, Nene and Marlo talk about the South Africa vacation, Kim deals with Kroy leaving to play football, and Kandi expresses some concern about the upcoming trip with the ladies.

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