Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Same Grudge, Different Day

MOB WIVES IS BACK!! Can you tell I'm beyond excited about this show being back in my life? Well, I am, and you should be, as well. This show ... is everything I love about reality television. Drama, interesting personalities, drama, catfights, drama, flashy parties, drama ... you get the idea.

So let's get started with the first episode of the second season, and believe me, it started off with a bang.

Renee: I felt so terrible for you, what with your plastic surgery nightmare and your depression coming back. I think this may be the lowest we've ever seen you before. And it's understandable. Your self esteem is shot, and your friendship with Carla seems to be broken forever. Granted, you're still hurt over the boyfriend/groping situation last season, but Carla's disinterest in you is more than obvious. Just let her go. You gotta focus on getting your depression under control, and getting your self esteem back. And that has nothing to do with how big or small your ass is. Get well soon, Renee. Renee's grade for the week: B.

Carla: I know a lot of women like you. You're not necessarily a bad friend, you're just self-absorbed. If you don't have time for someone, you really don't sweat it. You just go on about your business, almost oblivious that someone is waiting for you to pick up the phone or show up for them. I don't think you meant to hurt Renee so much, but you're just not willing or able to give her what she needs in a friendship. So, maybe you two just shouldn't be friends anymore. Which is a shame, but it is what it is. You're still very loyal and close to Drita, which I agree with. You two are a much better fit, since Drita is definitely not clingy or needy like Renee. I will advise you to not kick Renee when she's down - she's just not in a good place right now - and calling her names makes you come off a little mean-girl-ish. Carla's grade for the week: C.

Ramona: Welcome to the show, new girl. I already don't like you. I gave you a chance, but you've got a serious case of reality-tv-itis, characterized by your over the top need to create drama and make other people mad for no good reason, so you can be a part of the drama and get on camera. I see right through you. When Karen was somewhat receptive to Drita's invitation to talk, you bashed the idea and made Karen  angry all over again just so you wouldn't lose your ally on the show. At Renee's party, you should have stayed out of it and let Karen and Drita talk outside like adults and not inserted yourself in the situation. Wow. You were born to do this. Just watch yourself, because Drita doesn't play. Ramona's grade for the week: D.

Karen: Why are you still listening to other people instead of dealing with things yourself? You should have never talked to Ramona about your issues with Drita, because you know they're not fond of each other. What kind of advice were you expecting from Ramona? She doesn't want to see you and Drita resolve your issues, since she's using you to be relevant on the show. Her only role is being your friend against Drita. She's basically doing what you did to Drita in season 1 - Drita was the only one giving you the time of day, and once you got close with Renee again, you turned on Drita without hesitation - you think Ramona's not going to do the same (or worse) to you? I still can't respect you, Karen. I can understand you're upset about rumors going around the neighborhood about the rooftop fight, but do something productive with yourself instead of keeping this grudge going in your head. You allowed Ramona to stir your negativity up into a frenzy, and you're making yourself look crazy by getting in Drita's face at Renee's party. You should have known better than to start anything there. You should have just talked to her like an adult. Without your toadie. Karen's grade for the week: F.

Drita: You know you're my girl. I commend you for divorcing Lee, I love that you're taking up boxing as a stress reliever and possible career, and I love that you texted Karen and apologized even though she was totally in the wrong last season. You're being the bigger person in all of this, and it's apparent that you want to resolve the matter like adults. Too bad you're dealing with a moron. Who has an idiot for a sidekick. Seriously, you went to Renee's alone, so it's obvious you weren't looking for a fight. You took Big Ange's advice and agreed to talk to Karen. And what you got is nonsense. I don't know what sets you off to the point of fighting (we have to wait until next week for that), but whatever it was, you should have just walked away like you said you would. I know it's hard in the heat of the moment, but think of how deflated Karen would have been if you wouldn't have engaged in that. Just remember to let her dig her own grave next time. Drita's grade for the week: C.

Big Ange: I gotta shout you out because you are my new hero. Your red feather extension made my friggin' night, and your husky voice is like music to my ears. Be my new best friend, please, I'm begging you.

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