Friday, January 20, 2012

Give Me Your Keys

Tabatha Coffey is back, and she's not playing. Ms. Coffey is expanding her show beyond salons, taking over all kinds of businesses in 2012. And I love it. Tabatha is always entertaining, but she's also smart, honest, and genuine about helping these people save their businesses.

The first episode of the season was a salon, and the owner was actually living in the salon because she couldn't afford a place of her own. Sad! But with Tabatha's help, and some restructuring, the salon was back on its feet, and the owner got an apartment around the corner. Success!

This week's episode focused on Club Ripples, Long Beach, CA's first gay dance club ever. So it's a historical landmark as well. One of the owners had so many rules in place, it didn't seem like you could ever have fun in there if you tried. The other owner was so depressed, he could hardly crack a smile. The staff were frustrated and felt like they were being treated like children. Tabatha whipped them into shape, and before you knew it, they had a new attitude, and a new signature cocktail (Pineapple Sunset).

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