Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Drink to That!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale was last night and it was pretty much the story of Pandora's wedding, which was absolutely gorgeous! And my boyfriend Kevin Lee was on, too, so it was a perfect finale - shi shi shi shi SHI!!! Since it's the end of the season, I'll be giving the ladies an overall grade for the season.

Let's go!

Kyle: You looked amazing at the wedding, first of all. I love your style! On this episode, you were the best girlfriend ever to everyone, which is a great side of you. Throughout the season, you've had ups and downs, mostly caused by Kim, so it was nice to see you relaxed and celebrating with everyone on the finale. Your get-together with everyone at your house was so sweet and lovely - I think it was perfect for bringing the ladies together to bond after all the craziness this season. I give you credit for being an awesome friend and sister - even when it blows up in your face. Kyle's grade for the season: B+.

Adrienne: I could have done without the enema/colonoscopy scene, but I understand why it was part of the finale - comic relief. Too bad it wasn't that funny. But that's not your fault. You seemed to have a great time at the wedding, although your hair went through a few incarnations that night. This season you've been cautious, observant, and almost suspicious, but I totally understand why. You had had enough of Taylor's back-and-forth, and your patience was almost gone. You stood up for what you believed in no matter what, and I always admire that in a person. Adrienne's grade for the season: A.

Camille: You win the award for Most Improved Compared to Last Season. Seriously. You're so much more likable, warm, and sane! Whatever you did, it totally worked. You made the right choice to wear that great black number to the wedding. I'm glad to see that you and Taylor are back to being friends. Oh! And I'm so happy for you and your Greek hunk!! Get it, gurl! Camille's grade for the season: A.

Lisa: The wedding was spectacular! You looked SO beautiful. Everything was just gorgeous. I'm so happy for Pandora - an absolutely stunning bride - and Jason. They are such a cute couple. Ken's speech actually made me tear up a little! You were the voice of reason this season, without a doubt. Some of the ladies were rough on you in the beginning of the season, but you won them over in the end. No surprise there. Lisa's grade for the season: A.

Taylor: You looked like a new woman at Kyle's house on this episode. I love that you're calm and spending time with your girls. You definitely had a hard time of it this season. From the drinking to the crying to the screaming to the arguing, but you had some good moments, too. Not to mention Russell's behavior and his subsequent suicide. It's almost too much to even try to comment on, so I'll leave it at that. It's a little sad to hear that you've been off the rails with your drinking lately (according to the tabloids). Take care of yourself and your daughter, above all. Taylor's grade for the season: C.

Now for the ladies that didn't make it on the finale:

Kim: I'm so glad you got the help you so desperately needed. Hopefully this season was a wake up call that you had lost your way. I think you should focus on getting sober and helping others do the same by writing your memoirs. Oh and you should get back into acting! Kim's grade for the season: D.

Brandi: I was surprised that you weren't on the finale at all, but then again, you're not a full-fledged "housewife" yet. You started out on my bad side but your personality grew on me - except some of the slutty talk and the Xanax/alcohol cocktail induced behavior. When you're sober, you're actually kinda cool. Brandi's grade for the season: C.

Dana: You tried so hard to be the diva of the group, however, it just didn't end up working out for you. I do think you're a loyal friend, though. But that's not enough to make it on a reality show. Viewers don't like you or your $25,000 sunglasses or your million dollar lollipop holder. It was nice knowing you. Dana's grade for the season: F.

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