Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sur Crashers

This week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was full of drama - and the backdrop for all of it was the exquisite Sur Lounge launch party. There were a ton of people there, including everyone's favorite, RuPaul, and everyone's least favorite, Cedric. It was certainly an emotional episode, so let's get started.

Lisa: First of all, Sur is gorgeous. I love every inch of it (what they showed on tv), so congratulations. I have to say, again, that I still love your relationship with your husband. He's such a sweet man, and he adores you. Hope you gave him that cuddle after all! It was nice to see you joking back and forth with Brandi - you two are fun to watch together. And it was awesome when you asked Brandi's ex's ex to leave. Who knew Beverly Hills was THAT small? In her defense, the ex's ex couldn't wait to leave. I'm glad she left willingly. The most hilarious scene was when Bernie, Adrienne's chef, was SO awkward with you, and you didn't even recognize him! And then, Cedric had to show up. I thought you handled it beautifully. Who knows why he was there (cameras), or why he wanted to speak to you (cameras), but it wasn't appropriate. He wasn't invited! Seriously, that guy's got nerve. You and Ken were right to send him away. Sur was packed with people, and yet, you showed your friends that you were there for them no matter how huge an affair you were hosting at the time. You demonstrated genuine interest in Kyle, Taylor, and even Kim. Lisa's grade for the week: A.

Kyle: This was the episode that proved you were right about Kim all along. You may have overreacted at times during the season, but that's probably because you're sick of the roller coaster that is Kim. You had a lot on your mind at Sur, mostly because you could see right through Kim's "everything's fine" facade. Your talk with Kim outside confirmed all of our fears about her and Ken - but the bond between the two of you seemed to start to rebuild at that very moment. I'm really glad you're standing by Kim now as she continues through recovery. Now, let's talk about Cedric. What was the deal with him asking if you're scared of Lisa? Crazy! The look of shock on your face when he came in was too much. When Taylor sat down with you and the ladies, there was a very apparent divide - those who felt no apology from Taylor was necessary, and those who felt they deserved an apology from her. You told Taylor she didn't need to apologize - but I think you meant that YOU personally didn't need one. Obviously a couple of the ladies felt otherwise. You've always been a good friend to Taylor, so it was no surprise that you'd be so supportive and kind to her. Kyle's grade for the week: A.

Taylor: I know some will criticize you for bringing your psychiatrist to a party, but who better to help you make amends with your friends - which is the whole reason you went to the party (at least that's the only reason that makes any sense to me). You admitted that you've been acting like a crazy person, and you used your lid analogy again, which I won't knock you for since it's pretty accurate. When Adrienne and Camille weren't as quick to forgive and forget, you didn't throw a fit, you heard them out and apologized. Good for you. You should take that Dr. Sophy with you everywhere you go from now on. You've had a rough season. I really hope you slow down and take some time to rebuild your life. With the book, the show, the crazy behavior lately all happening at the same time, people are worried about you. Taylor's grade for the week: B.

Adrienne: The party at Sur was more like a therapy session for you. You had to get Kim to talk to Kyle, which ended well, and you were present for Taylor's mea culpa to the group, which also ended on a positive note. I'm glad you pushed for an apology from Taylor, since you were a lot more worried about the legal implications that Russell had been threatening than some of the other ladies. I also appreciated the fact that you told Taylor how confusing it is to hear one thing from her one day and then see something totally different the next. You were obviously sick of the lies and all the pretending, and you just wanted her to know how frustrated you were. Ultimately, you showed your support for Taylor and commended her on leaving Russell for good. Oh and you handled seeing Paul's ex with humor and grace. I swear, Beverly Hills is one small town, am I right? Adrienne's grade for the week: B.

Camille: Bravo for speaking up about your issues with Taylor and Russell, because I believe you were the catalyst for Taylor making her decision to do something about her marriage. With Adrienne by your side, the  matter was put out on the table at Sur, and you ladies were able to come together at the end of it. I hear rumblings that you won't be on next season, which would be a shame. You were a lot more likable this season, so hopefully your fans will make enough noise so that Bravo invites you back. Camille's grade for the week: A.

Kim: Wow. Where to begin? The rifling through the purses and luggage, blatantly telling people you don't want to talk to your sister, playing with the "buttons" and baggies in the limo, seriously, I'm SO glad you went to rehab. Your talk with Kyle was way overdue. You should have never brought Ken to Hawai'i - that would have been the perfect opportunity to talk to Kyle about his control issues, which he most certainly has. Ken is a classic example of an abusive guy - all nice and calm in the beginning, then he turns into a controlling, mean bully. Just be glad you're not with him now. I'm assuming the pregnancy scare turned out to be nothing, since you're not with child now. Just focus on your recovery, and do yourself a favor and don't come back next season as a regular. Drop in from time to time, and that's it. Kim's grade for the week: D.

Brandi: You made me laugh a lot on this episode, and you won major points in my book for calling Ken a gay bull mastiff to his face. And then, when he doesn't get the joke, you just laugh in his face. That's what the a-hole gets. Good for you. I like how you handled the waitress/ex's ex thing - you mentioned it but you didn't go crazy about it, so that was cool. And you made sure everyone knew that you didn't invite Cedric, which I believe you didn't. You wouldn't do that after becoming so close with Lisa. If you can keep the fun going, I'd like to see you next season. Brandi's grade for the week: A.

Best line of the night goes to, of course, RuPaul, who pretty much summed up the entire season with this statement: "You're born naked and the rest is drag ... This room is FULL of drag queens."

Next week, the finale! The wedding! And my boyfriend, Kevin Lee!

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