Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice Cast Announced

The official list of cast members on this season's Celebrity Apprentice was released today, and there are a few potential firecrackers that I'm really excited about.

We all know that Victoria Gotti and Teresa Giudice get into it, since Ms. Gotti pretty much spilled the tea on the Wendy Williams show late last year.

Here are the rest:

Adam Carolla: He honestly just makes everything better. I love how he ridicules celebrities right to their faces, and since they're celebrities, they have no idea what to do about it. I'll never forget when Adam was on Watch What Happens Live with Jill Zarin and he completely annihilated her, and it was spectacular.

Lisa Lampanelli: A killer comic with a razor sharp wit and more dirty jokes than you can even imagine, and one of my all time favorite funny ladies. She is actually a very nice person, so I don't think she'll get into fights with anyone, but her one liners alone are enough for me.

George Takei: Legendary actor from Star Trek. He is going to be hilarious on this show. He's got a really good sense of humor and he's used to working with divas (ahem, William Shatner).

Clay Aiken: Please tell me he's going to go toe to toe with George Takei at some point. That's just good tv. But seriously, I'm expecting a lot of attitude from the Clayster and I'll be disappointed if I don't get it. Gurl.

Tia Carrere: We always think we're done with this girl, but she keeps popping up randomly for no reason. I predict that she'll be gone within the first three episodes. Nothing against her, but she's not a very interesting person. UNLESS, she brings the crazy. Then, all bets are off. Because there's no crazy like pretty girl crazy.

Michael Andretti: I know he was a race car driver. Meh.

Debbie Gibson: Super annoying! She's so hellbent on being a superstar again that she's just grating. She'll definitely get into some screaming matches. I'm surprised she didn't bring her bestie Tiffany with her.

Lou Ferrigno: I love this man. He's the best. I don't see him winning, but he'll be the nice, gentle giant with the positive attitude that everyone will throw under the bus to save themselves. But don't make him angry.

Dayana Mendoza: Former Miss Universe, so she better be crazy. Or else you know she'll be fired on the first episode.

Penn Jillette: Extremely smart magician guy. I can see him winning. He's really charming, not a pushover, and he'll have no problem defending himself in the boardroom.

Aubrey O'Day: We know this one is crazy, so I predict her nemesis will be Debbie or Tia and her BFFs will be Clay and Dayana.

Dee Snider: Really irritating, super egotistical, so that means he's just like The Donald with a ponytail. I know he's an intelligent man, but just not the kind of guy you want to be stuck on the same team with.

Cheryl Tiegs: An iconic, classy lady. She doesn't stand a chance.

Paul Teutul, Sr.: This guy is hilarious - I just want him to start yelling at his teammates like he used to yell at his kids (who happened to not talk to him anymore) on the OCC show. Oh, and I want him and Lou Ferrigno to arm wrestle.

Patricia Velasquez: Venezuelan model/actress, so I'm obligated to root for her, since my mother believes we're related to all Venezuelans (and Puerto Ricans).

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