Monday, January 9, 2012

Done Deal

The second episode of this season of Mob Wives centered around the brawl at Renee's Celebration of Life party, and I have to admit, it was brutal. Even for me. I actually felt for some of the ladies. And for those of you who dismiss this show as just another catfight-fest, Mob Wives is so much more than that. The emotions are so real, I truly believe these women would be into the same shenanigans if the cameras weren't around.

So let's get into it!

Renee: I felt so bad for you in this episode. You are literally screaming through the majority of the episode, begging people not to fight. If I were you, I would have intervened in the Drita/Karen conversation sooner. If anyone could have shut it down and separated them, it would have been you. I think you were truly disappointed in your friends, and you had more than enough reasons for that. I don't know if it's the best decision to get back with Junior, but if you're happy, I'm happy for you. I say you need to sit down with each of the ladies and reevaluate your friendships on a one on one level. And rethink your fight with Carla. You need all the friends you can get these days. You never know when Junior is gonna hurt you again. Renee's grade for the week: B.

Carla: I know you're glad you didn't go to Renee's party, but I kind of wish you were there to keep Drita from going completely crazy. I really love your friendship with her, because you seem to calm her down. Again, I wish you would mend your relationship with Renee, only because she's going through such a tough time, but I understand it may take some time to get to that point. Stay on Drita's side, and keep her positive. Carla's grade for the week: B.

Drita: Well, we finally know what set you off: Ramona. I hate that she and Karen put you back in that frame of mind to start throwing punches. To be honest, I'm disappointed, but I do understand - you were beyond your limit, and you reacted. It was so unnecessary, especially when you were coming at Karen like an adult. You spoke to her like any friend would who wanted to resolve a problem, and all you got in return was hostility. When you realized what she was doing, you should have removed yourself from the situation. Karen and Ramona are so not worth it. To your credit, you didn't throw the first punch until Ramona got in your face. But, I want you to do your fighting in the ring, and make sure to invite Karen and Ramona to get in the ring with you and fight fair. I don't believe that you were set up, because Renee wouldn't set something up to ruin her own party. The people at fault are Karen and Ramona. I know you said you'll fight till you die, but I'd rather you let the moron twins take each other down eventually. Drita's grade for the week: D.

Karen: You've managed to make yourself look even worse this week. You used the talk with Drita to air your grievances about rumors you heard instead of just communicating with her. You let your "cousin" get in your head and make you more angry than you actually were. Your tone was so rude, you didn't want to hear anything that Drita had to say, and frankly, you should have just said "no" to Big Ang when she asked you to go outside to talk to Drita. But you couldn't pass up an opportunity to get in Drita's face and show how tough you are. Not only that, you go after a guy that you assume hit Ramona without even getting all of the information. You caused a major scene, and the next day, you couldn't have been more proud of yourself. You were happy that you got physical with Drita. I don't think you even realize how scary that is. Karen's grade for the week: F.

Ramona: I think the word for you is "instigator". I love the fact that you were watching Karen and Drita talk because you just couldn't not be in the mix. And then, you keep insisting to Big Ang that you don't trust Drita, when you're not even in this situation in the first place. This isn't your fight, period. Your issues with Drita are your own, and you shouldn't be using Karen to fight with you against Drita. That's such a coward move. Also, y'all aren't cousins, you're grown ass women, so you need to stop calling each other that. Barf. Also, you got your lip cut because you got in the middle of something you shouldn't have. That's karma for you, ok? That fight was all your doing, and you took absolutely no responsibility for your part in it. You riled Karen up and the two of you wreaked havoc on the entire party. Not only that, you're both so happy about it, it makes you both look like lunatics. Ramona's grade for the week: F.

Big Ang: I love your explanation of Renee's party, and I'm glad you admitted that your plan backfired. I still want to be your new best friend. Big Ang's grade for the week: A.

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