Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hottest Househusband

Monday's Watch What Happens Live was a Beverly Hills Umansky-fest with Kyle and Mauricio. They flew in from the Golden Globes, where Kyle said she hid from Kelsey Grammer on the red carpet! The bartender was "Slutty Sigmund Freud", and boy, was he slutty. I think I saw his Oedipus Complex.

Kyle mentioned how difficult it was to watch this week's episode. She even said Kim didn't watch the episode at all. Kyle confirmed that Kim and Ken are not together anymore, which she had previously stated on the Wendy Williams show. Kyle also said that Kim is doing well and feeling strong - and that is truly great to hear.

Andy showed Kyle and Mauricio's original casting tape, which was hilarious. They're pretty much the same as they are now, though. Kyle talked about her friendship with Camille - oh! and Kyle did the splits at the clubhouse per a caller's request! Haha!

Andy played a game with the hottie couple where Kyle chooses who Mauricio gets a free pass with - awkward! But somehow fun at the same time - Betty White wins, by the way. Kyle revealed that the ladies went to Sur after the reunion taping, which I thought was a little odd, but I would have loved to hear the conversation over drinks that night.

The poll question was "Who's the biggest drama queen?", and Kim wins.

On the After Show, Slutty Sigmund Freud makes a move on Andy, so cute! Kyle and Mauricio tell the story of how they got together, too. Kyle talks about her book, and her advice to "fake it 'til you make it", no matter what the situation is. I really want to read her book, gotta get my hands on it. The Umanskys talk about keeping the love alive in a marriage. Their secrets include: making time for each other, having fun, and respecting each other. Good advice, for sure.

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