Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Too Much

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a downer this week!

We got to see Taylor's "breakdown", which looked to me more like a drunken temper tantrum, but whatever. Taylor drank herself silly then didn't eat anything and went from sad to mad to feeling sorry for herself to feeling sorry for others to just plain tired. Gurl needed a sandwich! And of course all of the ladies had to deal with Taylor in their own way. I loved Adrienne whispering to her, "get it together!" and "drink some water!". If only Taylor had listened. Lisa stated that Taylor always manages to look like the victim and I agree. Knowing what we know now, that Taylor's husband Russell (who committed suicide just before the season aired) was physically abusive with her, it all makes sense. But at the time, I'm sure the ladies were scared because Taylor looked terrible and her behavior was strange at best.

Adrienne and Lisa are becoming my favorites this season. I still love Kyle, but I feel like she's Taylor's cheerleader and not in a good way. But maybe she's just doing what she thinks is best for her friend. If anyone needs a friend right now, it is Taylor.

I'm still worried about Kim. Although she showed a lot of patience and kindness towards Taylor during her fit, when Adrienne and Paul called her from the airport at the end of the episode, she sounded odd. Paul thought she was drunk, but we'll have to wait till next week to find out.

Kyle's daughter Portia is the cutest thing on tv right now!! I just had to shoutout Portia!

Next week should be interesting, as Adrienne heads to what might be a dangerous situation in Sacramento, and Brandi Glanville joins the cast ... I don't think the ladies like her!

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