Saturday, September 24, 2011

Almost Must See TV

NBC on Thursday nights used to be Must See TV. It's been a long time since NBC has had that magic. However, Thursdays are definitely getting better for NBC.

I've already expressed my love for Parks and Recreation in a previous blog. But please, do yourself a favor and give this show a chance. The characters are funny, the storylines are interesting, and Amy Poehler is the perfect leading lady. The premiere centers around Amy's character, Leslie, deciding whether to run for office and dump her achingly cute boyfriend (who happens to be her indirect superior), or stay with her boyfriend and try to hide it and run for office. Her struggle to let go of this man is totally emotional, but still hilarious. Aziz Ansari plays Tom, who is promoting his new business venture to his coworkers with mouse pads and bikini tops (a must see moment with funny lady Retta). The office quirky couple, April and Andy, have some really great moments in this episode. Amy's direct supervisor, Ron, is in hiding due to some personal issues with his first wife, who we find out, is very, very scary, indeed.

I am a big fan of The Office. I was sad to see Steve Carrell leave the show at the end of last season, but I was eager to see how the show would go on without him. It was not bad, actually. Pam is pregnant again, and so is Angela. Don't worry, those aren't spoilers. There is a bit of a shakeup as far as the manager position, but I won't ruin it for you. I will say, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I laughed out loud during the episode. Oh and there's a whole planking segment I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

I tried to give Whitney a chance. I really did. The canned laughter and bad acting did it for me. I think I got 3 minutes in and had to stop. I knew this would happen. Whitney Cummings comedy is not suited for a traditional situation comedy. She should have gone the route of Louie (Louis C.K.) or even a 30 Rock type of show about being on the road as a successful female comedian. Anything but canned laughter every 5 seconds and corny jokes about being cold at a wedding in Mexico. Really, Whitney? Really?

Speaking of 30 Rock, I can't find it on my tv schedule! Did it not premiere yet?

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