Tuesday, September 20, 2011

History Was Made

Dancing With The Stars last night was pretty incredible. Besides all of the great dancing and humorous clips of the celebs learning to dance, there was another element that made it even more exciting.

History was made last night as Chaz Bono danced, as a transgendered man on national tv with a woman. I don't know how all of you feel about it, and I'm not going to get political here, but you can't deny that we witnessed a huge step forward for the transgender community.

Now, I have just as many questions as the next person about transgendered people and how they deal with every day life before, during, and after their transition. And I don't presume to know what it's like at all, because I'm not a part of that community. But I can certainly see how Chaz is opening the doors for transgendered people in this country by telling his story and being on such a popular show as Dancing With The Stars.

Chaz did a great job on his first dance, as did most of the contestants. I loved Carson Kressley's routine! He was hilarious and bubbly, and definitely won over the crowd. I felt a little bad for Elisabetta Canalis, she isn't the most graceful person on the show, and I think she'll follow the trend of most models on DWTS and leave soon. Ricki Lake did fantastic, as did Chyna Philips, two of my favorite 90s era ladies! Rob Kardashian did a pretty good job, and his sisters were there to cheer him on. Khloe was a little too vocal in my opinion, but hey, that's her. Mr. Ron Artest (aka Metta World Peace) impressed no one, I'm afraid, but I was looking for Kimsha in the audience. Where is Kimsha?! Nancy Grace tried her best, but she'll be gone soon, too. I know I'm forgetting some so I'll stop here.

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