Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

Watch What Happens Live rebounded nicely after the Stanger fiasco Sunday night with the help of perky twins Tia and Tamera Mowry, stars of the Style Network's "Tia and Tamera". These girls were bubbly, friendly, positive - basically the polar opposite of Patti Stanger. Andy Cohen looked relieved and happy to have some genuinely nice people on the show.

I unfortunately have never seen Tia and Tamera's show, but after seeing the clip and watching them interact with Andy, I'm going to make an effort to catch it! The girls were so cute and adorable. They actually laugh in perfect unison. You just can't get any cuter than that! And I loved that they disagreed on some Beverly Housewives issues. They're definitely not clones of each other. Each one has a great personality, and they're each absolutely their own person. I'm sure this is what is making their reality show such a hit. Jeez, where have I been?!

One of the highlights was Jackee Harry calling in. I love her! She played the girls' adoptive mother on the 90s sitcom "Sister Sister". That theme song brings back so many memories. Ah, 90s sitcoms were the best. Anywhoo, Jackee called in and reminisced briefly with the girls and it was hilarious. Tia and Tamera obviously have great respect for Jackee, and there was a lot of love there. It was great.

Speaking of Jackee, when is she going to be back on Watch What Happens Live in person?! Get on that, Andy!!

Oh, and kudos (or as Ramona would say, kadooz) to Andy for listening to us and making Patti Stanger the Jackhole of the Day. Ya hear that, Patti? Jackhole!

The After Show was just as fun as the tv broadcast. Check it out here.

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