Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Round 142 ...

Real Housewives of New Jersey finally goes to the Dominican Republic this episode, and I couldn't be happier!

Let's talk about the bikini fashion show we got thanks to Mrs. Giudice and Mrs. Gorga, shall we? Teresa's stripper chic bikinis were definitely colorful and dramatized (thank you, Gemini's twin), but Melissa's were a little more trendy and up to date. Just my opinion.

Can I just say that the Manzo kids - Greg included - were hilarious on this episode? Last week they skewered Teresa's books and this week they roasted her on everything else. From her clothes to her vocabulary, nothing was off limits. Even Caroline couldn't help but throw some shade. Some people are upset about this - calling the Manzos mean. Here's what. If you had to travel and live in close quarters with Teresa - with her squealing and whining and yelling, you'd be making fun of her, too. She's ridiculous! Not only does she not listen to anyone, she's completely oblivious as to anyone else's feelings or emotions. I'm talking about DENSE, ok?

Caroline has a Teresa-induced migraine and I can understand why. She's a nightmare! Believe me, I've traveled with a lot of different types of people, and Teresa is the worst kind. Needy, attention seeking, uncooperative, and negative. Everything out of her mouth was negative in one way or another. Like when Melissa and Kathy mentioned how close Albie and Chris are, she couldn't help herself. She said "just wait till one of em gets married." Ok, Teresa, you've made your point. For the millionth time.

It's not bad enough Teresa's being a brat on land, so she makes sure to be a brat at sea as well. The group goes on a boat and everyone starts drinking and dancing and having fun. Then, the Manzo kids - and Greg - start saying the the Gorgas are attractive. Teresa's ears perked right up. Then the kids say that they all should have a dance off. Teresa immediately starts dancing more provocatively, which is not a pretty sight, by the way.

Back on land, the conversation turns to Joe Giudice's new business venture, which we learn is one of many short term business ventures he has had/will have (money laundering, anyone?). Richie explains that the restaurant business isn't for him and Kathy right now so they're sticking to catering, based on what Albert Manzo, Caroline's husband has told them about running the Brownstone. Joe gets all puffed up and starts saying a restaurant is totally different than a banquet hall. Al then shuts Joe down in classic quiet-but-tough-guy style and Joe is left looking like a moron, which is nothing new.

Then Kathy walks up and asks what they were talking about, and joins in. She basically says what Richie said. It's not the right time for them, they wouldn't be able to handle the hours, and she wouldn't want to be away from her kids for so many hours a day. Teresa immediately takes offense to this and snaps. She accuses Kathy of saying that they're going to neglect their children because of the restaurant, which anyone with half a brain who heard that conversation can tell you that's not what she said. Remember, I said half a brain.

This is Kathy's time to shine. She finally confronts Teresa and puts her in her place! I was SO happy for her. She finally let it out with Teresa and in her own classy way, let her know she wasn't backing down. Guess who walks away? Teresa. That's what happens when you pick a fight but you don't have any real reason for doing so. You end up looking stupid. Again, nothing new.

And Kathy finally did the "KOO KOO!" I loved it!!!

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