Friday, September 30, 2011

The Emancipation of Snooki

Well, what an eventful Jersey Shore we had this week!

I won't go over all the gory details, but I will give my opinions on what happened - and not in any particular order.

First, let's talk about Deena's pregnancy scare. I really wish the producers would have some kind of calendar or something on the show so we can see how far into the season certain things happen. This week's episode would have been perfect for this. I need to know how far into the trip Deena was when she thought she might be pregnant. A couple weeks? The first couple of days? It's not unheard of for the producers/editors to put certain events out of chronological order to make the episodes somewhat cohesive. So I'm wondering why we've seen Deena down gallons of alcohol and she's never once mentioned worrying about possibly being pregnant. And I don't think she's the type to keep this kind of information to herself for too long. I like the friendship between her and Jenni, by the way.

Speaking of Jenni, she gets the "Best Friend Ever" award. Jenni has changed so much. Don't get me wrong, I've always been a JWOWW fan. But now she seems very mature and nurturing as opposed to the girl in Miami that couldn't wait to punch Sammi in the face. (But seriously, how funny was that fight? Good times.) I totally understand why Jenni didn't want to necessarily wake up and spend time with Snooki after the night they all had. According to the After Show, they had been up till 7 am with all the drama. Not fun. So when Snooki decided she needed to get out of the house, Jenni just wasn't in the mood. I don't blame her. Snooki probably didn't remember all of the details - she was tipsy - and who knows if she remembered screaming in Jenni's face. I commend Jenni for apologizing for not being there for Snooks later, though. That was big of her and just shows how much their friendship means to both of them. True friends do have arguments sometimes, but they always find a way to get through it and move on, and it usually brings them even closer.

Do I have to talk about Mike? I guess so. In a word: creepy. Ok, another word: disgusting. Alright, I'll just vent here. Mike is a total douche for bringing up the whole alleged Snooki hookup again. Especially using the language he did. It was uncalled for and gross. Dude, grow up. Nobody cares. This guy is so desperate for attention, it's sad. In a way, I hope the next season is the last so he can finally fade into obscurity.

Now, for the main event. Miss Snooki herself. I said it last week, and I'll say it again. This is how you remain relevant on a reality show. Snooki freed herself from Jionni's grasp only after humiliating herself by begging him to stay and learning that his family already booked him a flight home. This guy seems nice and all, but he's got issues. First of all, he should have stayed and dealt with the problem himself, not called up mommy and daddy to rescue him. Secondly, he knew what he was getting into when he became exclusive with Nicole/Snooki. Third, and lastly, he should give respect to get respect - and storming off like a child throwing a tantrum is no way to earn someone's respect. Be a real man, and your girl will always respect you. BOOM! Now, back to Snooks. I think once the haze of Jionni was gone, she could see herself clearly for the first time, and she didn't like what she had become. Too often, young women depend on the man in their life to define them and assign them value - so when the man is angry at them or leaves them, they feel as if they have no value at all. Which is total bullshit. No matter what you think of Snooki, she's a person with feelings and she was devastated by what happened. Watching her cry made me sad. But when she finally snapped out of it and decided to let him go, I felt good for her. I don't doubt these two love each other, like I said last week, but they are just not compatible at this time (these particular episodes). A lot must have changed since Italy, because they look very happy now. Let's hope they've worked on their trust and control issues and have learned to love each other as they are. No one wants to be with someone who wants to change them. Love the person for exactly who they are and your relationship will only benefit from it. Unless you can't stand who they really are, and in that case, you need to break up immediately.

Next week is the aftermath of Snooki and Vinny's hookup, which I can't say surprised me at all. These two will always have a connection. Doesn't mean they should act on it. Oh well, live and learn!

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