Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bullets Over South Pacific

Survivor is back! And I, for one, am so happy they have a decent cast, well, with a few exceptions.

Please forgive me for not knowing all of the tribe members names just yet but believe me, we'll have plenty of time for that.

Let's talk about the returning players: Coach and Ozzy. Am I the only one who saw the total disappointment on the faces of the Upolu tribe when Coach was assigned to them? Sorry, Coach. They're not buying your whole dragon-slayer-turned-nice-guy routine. On the other hand, the Savaii tribe was elated to have Ozzy, and let's be honest, who wouldn't be? They guy was made for this game.

Now, if Ozzy doesn't win (which he should), here's who I want to win: Cochran. Yes, John Cochran, the 24 year old Harvard Law student, with almost iridescent white skin, who, to me is like the Woody Allen of Survivor. Love it! He's a super fan of the show, hasn't missed an episode, and definitely wants to win. Although he's in awe of the whole situation, and being on the same team as Ozzy, he fought to stay in the game at tribal council and won.

Little Miss Push Up Bra (Semhar) went to Redemption Island instead - seriously, who wears a push up bra with a barely there tank top and short shorts in the jungle? Oh yeah, every single young woman on this show. Seriously, ladies?! You're on Survivor, not the Real World. Every season these girls are wearing less and less, and every season they have some physical challenge where a boob pops out or crack is exposed. Come on, girls! Enough already!

Also on the cast is Russell's nephew who's not telling anyone who his uncle is. But he has his last name tattooed on his shoulder and back. Good luck hiding those ridiculous tattoos, buddy. Oh yeah, and he doesn't like one of the girls on his tribe because she flaunts herself too much. Hmm. Yeah right.

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