Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mean Girls (and Boys)

Alright, guys, let's get into some reality tv goodness (and some not-so-goodness)!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: I loved the whole Colorado trip scenario, I think it's a fun departure and a great way to see the ladies outside of their comfort zone. Lisa is getting a lot of static, not just from Taylor, but from everyone else. I relate to her in this episode, because it seems everyone is kind of nit-picking and provoking her a little. I thought the girls were being somewhat annoying on the plane playing pranks and being loud, Kyle was wrong to bring up the Ken mess in the limo (especially when it was such a long ride, there was nowhere to escape), and maybe the girls could have been a little nicer about Lisa's skiing outfit. I thought that hat was fabulous. Maybe it's the age difference, but hopefully Lisa isn't the odd woman out for long. That would be a shame. We got to see some Kyle/Kim interaction, and while I'm glad Kyle has gotten over their issues, I can't help but wonder what Kim's problem is? Maybe she can't get over Kyle calling her out on national tv? Hmmm ... more to come on that, I'm sure. We also got to watch Adrienne and her hubby bicker. I actually like their relationship, maybe because I know couples like that and they're perfectly happy. Or maybe because I also need to just say what I feel in the moment and not let it fester or get bottled up. It's so much better to just get it out. Even if it is uncomfortable in the moment. Kyle and Taylor's talk in the hot tub was really emotional and sets up Taylor's breakdown in the next episode.

Basketball Wives LA: I think I'm done with this show. A lot of it doesn't make sense to me. Such as: why is Draya such a threat? Why is Imani so worried about Draya? Why were the girls offended by Draya's behavior at her party? Why is Gloria suddenly absent from every episode? WHERE IS KIMSHA?! That is actually my main question. Kimsha makes the show for me, and if she's not on, I'm just annoyed. I don't understand why the ladies are making Draya the star of the show. Quit talking about her and keep it moving. If she is a bad mom, a terrible person, and a man-stealing ho, then it'll all come out. I just don't get why VH1 is editing these shows to be so repetitive. We get it, VH1! You can have more than 2 plots going on at the same time! We're smart viewers! Ok, I've said my piece. I'll just stop watching for now and maybe go back to it later.

Flipping Out: Well, Mr. Lewis was in a MOOD! I was a little scared, actually. I'm not sure why Jeff was so on edge for this reunion. I think it might have been even more tense in some segments than the reunion where Jeff and Ryan confronted each other. Man, maybe this show is taking it's toll on Jeff. Let's hope not. I loved that Jeff put Trace and Sarah in their places, though. I can't imagine being so ungrateful and purposefully violating the agreement they signed with Jeff to not contact his clients. So unprofessional! And I can totally see Sarah and Trace gossiping behind Jeff's back. I think Jeff's smart to keep the office small and just keep moving forward. By the way, where was Jett? Hope he wasn't fired! Zoila was awesome as usual, and Jenni is the perfect balance to Jeff's ... quirks. And Gage is growing on me. I don't think he's Lady Macbeth at all. I think he just did the job Jeff asked him to do. He got to be the bad guy, and nobody likes the bad guy. Oh well. Till next season!

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