Saturday, September 10, 2011

Catching Up!

I'm back, buddies!! Sorry for the delay, I've been busier than a honey badger fighting off bees and cobras.

So I'll be doing this blog a little bit differently since I have so much to catch up on.

Basketball Wives LA: What can I say? These ladies are BRINGING IT! I have to say I'm still not digging Gloria. She's petty and fake. Her sister seems like a bit of a basket case. I felt bad for Tanya, although she did ask for it by being a little holier-than-thou. I still love Kimsha! I'm definitely Team Kimsha. I'm not exactly sure about Malaysia. She has a bit of an attitude, but I did like how she was nice to Draya. Imani is such a bizzle! I cannot believe how mean she is! I don't care how much you hate strippers, calling someone worthless is just wrong. Speaking of Draya, I just want to know what she knows and what she's done that makes her so "dangerous". Because as of right now, she seems pretty harmless. I could be wrong.

Flipping Out Finale: I'm so sad! No Jeffey till next year?? Ugh, I hate that this season is over. It was so good. The finale was a little bittersweet. I love the fact that Jeff and Gage bought that beautiful house. I love Jenni's rap career. I love that Jeff is talking about having a family. And I love that Zoila is still as funny as ever. Can't wait till the reunion!! Trace and Sarah are coming back and from the previews it looks like Jeff freaks out at one (or both) of them. Let's hope!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: I was so happy that Bravo debuted the show on schedule. I thought the beginning of the show was very appropriate. I liked how everyone came together to grieve and mourn and basically talk about Russell Armstrong's shocking suicide. Taylor wasn't there, but all of the ladies expressed deep concern for her and her daughter. Then there was a disclaimer of sorts, saying the show was taped before the suicide. The ladies seemed to all be getting along, except for some tension between Lisa and Taylor. Also, Kyle and Kim are still working through their issues. I'm actually not a Taylor fan, so I can see why Lisa isn't so keen on her. But we'll see what the season brings.

Jersey Shore: Wah! Jionni's being an idiot! I hate that Snooki's boyfriend tells her she's being stupid when she makes harmless jokes on the phone with him. Did this guy know who he was dating? This is why we love Snooks! She makes fun of herself and everything else, she's silly and fun, and she has a heart of gold. This guy needs to loosen up and calm down. Can't wait to see why they fight at the club in the next episode. Oh and Jenni and Snooki get into it, too! Sam and Ron are back together and that's just a terrible idea, but they say they've changed. I doubt it. Vin begs them to keep their fighting away from the rest of the roommates and they agree, which surprised me. I thought Ron would fly into roid rage over that, but he was very accommodating, actually. I have to say Vin and Pauly doing their FPC routine was funny (fist pumps, push ups, chapstick). And the priest yelling at Snooki to cover up was hilarious, too. I still don't feel sorry for Mike - don't judge me.

That's all I got for now, kids! I'll be back soon with more reality tv ranting!

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