Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jump, Jive, and Wail

Week 2 of Dancing with the Stars is over and I have to say, I'm happy with the outcome. Before I talk about who went home, let's discuss some of the performances.

First, the nip slip, I mean Nancy Grace. I did feel bad for her. That was total nipple. You can't tell me that was a pasty. Come on. Anyway, her performance was actually pretty good and she looked like she was having fun. But the costume designers need to fit her properly next time for sure.

Kristin Cavallari did a great job. And I think those rumors of her and Mark Ballas being romantic might be true. He has a tendency to get chummy with his partners (Sabrina Bryan, anyone?).

I loved Ricki Lake's performance! It was so much fun! I really love seeing her smile and have a great time. And some of that choreography looked brutal. Awesome job, Ricki!

Chaz was struggling with some physical pain, and I felt for him. It must be extremely difficult to want to dance your heart out, but your body just can't take it. I hope he feels better and dances with less pain next week.

David Arquette is one to watch. I think when he focuses, he does a wonderful job. I can tell this competition means a lot to him, and I don't blame him for wanting to knock it out of the park.

J.R. Martinez is so inspiring. The guy has incredible energy and an unbreakable spirit. I love watching this guy dance. His attitude makes him even more endearing. I think he's going to make it to the top 5 easily.

Now, for the latest celeb to go home (SPOILER) ... I am actually very happy that Elisabetta went home. She seems like a nice enough person, but gurl had no rhythm and just looked awkward. She's definitely more suited for modeling and being famous for dating someone famous. Good luck to you!

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