Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Feel Pretty

Gleeks! I loved this week's episode of Glee, probably because I used to watch "West Side Story" every day when I was little. No joke.

Quinn is still in bad girl mode and gets sucked into helping Sue with her campaign by confronting Will about how the arts failed her. Will delivers an amazing "GROW UP" speech and makes Quinn cry a little bit. But not enough to snap out of her funk.

Brittany approaches Kurt about running for class president and offers to help with the campaign. But after seeing the posters she's created for him, Kurt worries they're too in-your-face-gay. There are enough rainbows and unicorns on these things to make you vomit glitter. Brittany explains that Kurt is special and should embrace who he is - a particularly fabulous flamboyant gay man.

Rachel is startled by her biological mother Shelby, played by Idina Menzel,  showing up at McKinley again. Turns out, Sugar - who failed miserably in her glee club audition - has a wealthy daddy who has demanded a second glee club be created to feature his baby girl. And he's hired Shelby to coach said glee club. Shelby assures Will that she won't steal any of his students, and Will amicably replies that he's ok with it since it means more of the arts in the school. Shelby and Rachel have a wonderful moment preparing for the West Side Story auditions, as per usual for the amazingly talented Idina and Lea Michele, remember "Poker Face"?

Speaking of the auditions, Will has delegated that role to Emma, Coach Bieste, and Artie. I think it's an inspired choice, and I like their judging styles. They're fair and honest, but not mean, at least not yet. Will is busy teaching "Booty Camp" with Mike Chang for those who aren't as dance-friendly in the performances. And if they're going to win Nationals this year, they all need to be at the top of their game, not only with their singing, but dancing as well.

Kurt auditions for the role of Tony, but sings a Barbra tune (don't worry, he asked Rachel's permission), "I'm the Greatest Star." It was an amazing performance, but unfortunately, didn't give the judges much insight as to how he would play the leading man role. Kurt overhears the judges expressing their doubts, so he recruits Rachel to help him audition again. This time, a dramatic audition of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". Kurt's attempts at masculinity are met with laughter and he bolts out of the audition. At that very moment, Brittany is hanging up the pink/rainbow/glitter posters emblazoned with Kurt's face on them sporting a unicorn horn, and he's horrified.

To make matters worse for our friend Kurt, Blaine auditions for the play, too. He makes it clear he doesn't want the role of Tony, so that Kurt can have it. But after a jaw dropping performance of "Who Knows", the judges ask him to read for Tony anyway. Kurt sees it all from the balcony and walks away in despair. Kurt speaks to his amazing dad about not ever being the leading man due to his over the top personality, and his dad gives him the best advice ever. Create your own roles. Don't wait for someone to accept you and put you in their picture of whatever story they're telling. Paint your own picture.

Puck makes Quinn speak to Shelby, who adopted their baby. Shelby tells Quinn that she wants her in the baby's life, but only if she cleans up her act. Quinn can't handle the second reality check she's gotten this episode, and hatches a plan to pretend to change so that she can fight for custody of her baby. Things just got REAL, people!

Brittany talks to Santana about Kurt not loving her campaign ideas. Santana suggests Brittany run for president herself, since she's so passionate about it. So Brittany does just that. It's gonna be an interesting race!

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