Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Directions, Indeed

The third season premiere of Glee was quite interesting, with some unexpected twists, and some expected ones.

First, Sue Sylvester is back on the warpath against the glee club, well, against all of the arts in school, actually. But it's more of a political tactic to gain a congressional seat, so at least her motives aren't all directed at Will Shuster's hair anymore.

Speaking of Will, he and Emma are officially together! Her issues are becoming their issues, and I'm sure we'll see how that plays out throughout the season.

As for the New Directions kids, a lot has changed. Starting with Quinn. She's now one of "The Sluts", a kind of punk/mean girl crew, as opposed to just being a hussy on her own. She's all rocker-chick'ed out and has given up the glee club for good. Her former Cheerios cohorts, Santana and Brittany are saddened by this, as they are sticking with the glee club. Well, at least Santana thought she was staying. After pledging allegiance to Sue Sylvester and carrying out some Cheerio meanness, Will kicks her out of New Directions forever. Only one Cheerio in glee club? Say it ain't so!

Let's move on to my two favorites, Rachel and Kurt. They're very excited about applying to Juliard in New York, until Emma points out to them that Juliard has no musical theatre department. What?! I had no idea! However, there is another school that is number one in the nation in musical theatre also located in New York. So, Rachel and Kurt plan to take the school's mixer for prospective students by storm, but the competition is a lot more fierce than they had anticipated.

Finn is lost and doesn't know where he's headed after high school, but he and Rachel seem to be going strong. Sam has moved away, since his father got a job out of state, which I was happy to hear after the extremely sad storyline he had last season. Mercedes is dating a football player and has a confident spring in her step, which I love. Klaine is still together, and Blaine actually moved to McKinley and joined New Directions, which not everyone is happy about.

I can't wait for the next episode where Ms. Idina Menzel returns!

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