Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hello, friends! This is the first of many blogs I'll be posting today. So many shows, so little time!

Let's get into Jersey Shore. Not the most exciting episode, I'll admit, but entertaining nonetheless. The gang heads to Riccioni, a nearby tourist area/beach. It is beautiful. Honestly, this season is making me want to visit Italy so badly! The girls split from the guys and do some eating, drinking, shopping, drinking, and more drinking. However, Jenni and Sam quickly realize it may be too early in the day to be so intoxicated and slow their roll. Snooki and Deena, not so much. Jenni and Sam try to get Team Meatballs to follow them back to the hotel, but the adorable duo quickly detour to a bar and grill with a DJ. Perfect.

Team Meatballs are having a blast - dancing and drinking and drinking and drinking. These girls are drunk. Not having a blast drunk - running into the bushes drunk. The boys have shown up in time to see the show. Deena dances so hard her bikini bottom unties itself and makes an appearance. Now, Deena says she shimmied it back up again, but I'm not so sure. The boys try to tell the girls that it's time to leave so they can make it to dinner by 9:30. Team Meatballs isn't hearing it. They're on Meatball time I guess.

Cut to everyone waiting for Snooki and Deena at dinner. They show up late and still intoxicated. Deena and Snooks know that everyone is judging them for drinking so much, but their defense is that they're having a good time and not hurting anyone. With tension in the air, the group heads to la discoteca (da club).

At the club, the level of drunkenness goes off the charts. Big surprise! Deena decides to dirty dance with a railing and ends up showing her kooka to the whole place. Her explanation: I forgot to put underwears on! Now, to be fair, I believe her. When Snooki and Deena finally went back to the hotel to change for dinner, they were both hammered. And Deena explained on The Hookup that she just took her bikini off and put her dress on - not thought process about "underwears" in between. So I actually believe her. Back to da club. Jenni screams at Deena that she has no panties on (so stop flashing everyone), and Sammi concurs. Deena's a little annoyed and thinks everyone is making a big deal out of nothing.

Then, the awkward part (if this episode wasn't awkward enough for you already). Deena and Snooki start making out. Not just kissing, but drunk, sloppy, disgusting making out. If you haven't seen it, I'm not sure I want you to. Just take my word for it, it wasn't a pretty sight. In fact Vin and Pauly both express their extreme disdain for that particular scene.

Finally, it's time to go home (to the hotel), and after each falling down on the way out of the club and into the cab, the meatballs are still going at it. Jenni and Sammi look like they're about to vomit ... it's just so not cute. However, here's my take on it. Deena has been feeling out of place in Italy this whole time - the double robbery she pulled with dim wit twin Erica and the fight with Pauly afterwards - and Snooki has not been a happy camper lately given her issues with Jionni. All four girls started the day drinking, and then Jenni and Sammi left the meatballs to their own devices (not entirely on purpose, and totally understandable since they were being annoying). So the meatballs are already feeling down, alienated, and probably a little embarrassed. So they turned to each other for comfort and, let's just say, gratification (?).

The shenanigans continue into the night and in the harsh light of day, Team Meatballs is forced to try to remember what actually happened. They agree that nothing but kissing took place, although others have their suspicions. Of course, everyone is buzzing about Deena and Snooki but they stop gossiping long enough to pack their bags - it's time to go home. Back to Florence!

Once Snooki gets home, she immediately calls Jionni, who everyone thinks will break up with her when she tells him about her kiss-fest with Deena. To everyone's shock, he says "ok". We learned on The Hookup (see link above), that Jionni has witnessed such make out sessions between the meatballs and is essentially immune at this point. Snooki gives the roommates a triumphant thumbs up - although I think she really wanted to raise a different finger to them all.

The Jersey Shore Aftershow was pretty heated, since Jenni was confronted by Team Meatballs about being a buzzkill and mothering them. I can see where Jenni's coming from though. She doesn't want anything to happen to them, and with them being so drunk, the odds of someone seriously hurting them increases exponentially. Team Meatballs doesn't want to hear it, even months later. (I'm assuming these aftershows are taped fairly recently.) I'm worried about Snooki and Jenni's friendship. It'd be a shame for them to not be friends anymore. I get a bad feeling that they're not as close as they once were. Especially in next week's episode, where Jionni comes to visit and Jenni gives Snooks a "reality check". Hopefully the girls will all get through this and stay friends. It's actually nice to see them all getting along.

Oh and no Sam/Ron drama this episode! Nice!

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