Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Biggest Brat of Brighton Beach

So I caught up on Russian Dolls a little, and while I still have a couple of episodes to go, I wanted to comment on the one I saw.

The episode is called "Calendar Girls" and it revolves around this pageant/contest to be in a Brighton Beach calendar. I know. Well, Diana and Anastasia are taking it very seriously and want to be in the calendar together. I mean, they both want to be in the calendar, not be in the same photo for the same month or anything. Anna, on the other hand is too busy with her modeling school to compete, plus she's already a model. So she helps Diana and Anastasia prepare. Which I thought was nice.

First, the girls all do a photo shoot. There are 16 girls at the photo shoot and only 12 will be picked. So the photo shoot is really important. The girls are all getting their hair and make up done at the same salon - and this salon is sponsoring the contest. Anastasia got upset because she didn't like the way the stylist curled her hair. She flipped out and cried and yelled and screamed. It was an ugly display. The salon owner was not happy. 

The rest of the contest takes place at a lounge/restaurant where the girls do a bit of runway and then the winners are announced. Diana and Anastasia and the other girls all do their best runway while Renata hosts - this lady is hosting everything! Finally, Diana is picked and Anastasia is not. Which is no surprise to anyone, since everyone agrees that people talk in Brighton Beach, and her little tantrum didn't go over so well. In fact, Renata tells Anastasia that her tirade is the reason she wasn't picked. And then Anastasia threw another fit. Smart girl! Give the people what they want, right?

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