Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When Does Season 5 Start?

Is it bad that I've waited this long to write this blog on the Jersey Shore finale and reunion?

Maybe because it was pretty anti-climactic ... let's talk about it anyway.

Mike just came home from the club - drunk out of his mind - and thinks he's home alone. He practices his karate moves (and farts while doing so?). Snooki has stayed home for the night, and is woken up by Mike talking to himself. Mike realizes she's there and creepily stares at her while she "sleeps". Creepy!

The rest of the roommates come home and Ronnie wakes Mike up to give him a reality check. Ronnie tells him to quit causing trouble and try to mend some fences, or else he can forget about being a part of the crew. Mike is hesitant, basically saying he could care less whether people like him or not. Ronnie, of all people, telling someone to apologize is just a funny scene in itself. And I love Sammi stroking Ron's ego about talking to Mike. She cracks me up. She is SO in love with that kid.

The kids have their last day at work at the pizzeria. It does look like a cool place to work, and at least Marco has a great sense of humor about his dysfunctional summer employees. Pauly is being a clown, as usual, which I  love, but I can see where it might get annoying after the 10th "I'm on BREAK!"

Back at the mansion, Sammi and Ronnie decide to christen the smush room one last time, apparently in the middle of the day, when all the roommates are home. AWKWARD! Then, they have to do the walk of shame inside the friggin' house! Pauly times their smush session, and concludes that that must be the reason Sammi doesn't smile very often. I don't even want to think about them smushing, let alone time it and make assumptions based on it. As long as they aren't fighting, I'm cool with them doing whatever they want.

Mike calls his sister and tells her he's not going to Jersey. Which is such a crock, it's not even funny. Snooki hits it on the head, it's his choice, not our problem. But we all know, Mike is going to Jersey.

The crew (minus a sick Jenni) go out to da club. Team Meatballs wants to leave, because they're bored. They go to another club and have - what else - a blast! Then, they encounter a drunk clone of themselves. The funniest part is when Deena tells her, "You're being an annoying!" LOL - now you know how we feel, Dee!

Pauly sends a drunk girl home because she's too drunk - even for him. While walking home with Snooks, Deena is BOMBED, takes off her pumps, and gives a tree a couple hugs and a little show. LOL! Her feet were pretty much covered in Italian street residue by the time she gets home.

The kids go back to the pizzeria to give a piece of their clothing to Marco to hang on his laundry line. It's a sweet gesture, and their choices of what to give him are hilarious - panties, bra, T shirts, etc. And I'm sure Deena's thong was clean ... come on guys, it had to have been, right? They say goodbye to the pizzeria bunch, and it's a little sad - you can tell they actually bonded with them.

The kids go on a touristy-tour, and Mike separates himself from the crew every chance he gets. I understand he really doesn't feel comfortable around these people anymore, but come on. Just participate and have a good time. I think Mike's problem is his immaturity. He's the oldest cast member, but he's the least mature. It's a joke. At this point, he needs to stop whining and start acting like a man - a grown man.

Snooki and Deena provide the majority of the laughs during the tour, from saying they'd "do" the statue of David, to asking whether the "babies wit' wings" are real. Hilarious!

After the tour, Mike decides to apologize in a very rehearsed and fake-sounding manner. No wonder no one takes this guy seriously. It's like he's always posing for the cameras, even after the novelty has worn off. Jenni is absolutely right when she says Mike's apology is BS - he realized he needs the show to continue his shenanigans. So he's not sorry for his actions, he's just sorry people don't like him anymore. The crew goes out one last time, and the boys stop Mike from making an even bigger ass of himself. He just wants attention - doesn't matter if it's good or bad.

Later, Team Meatballs decides to put all the dried up, dead plants from their patio on the dining room table. Oy. Did no one think to water those poor plants?! They seriously cram every plant and vase and decoration they can onto the table. The roommates aren't amused. Mike volunteers to make breakfast, so the rotten garden has to go back outside for good. Everyone is so excited to get back to Jersey as soon as possible. Mike announces he is going back to Jersey - BIG SURPRISE! Yeah, right! Hopefully, Mike will chill out and not be an ass in Jersey. Well, let's just hope.

I honestly cannot wait for Season 5. I have a feeling it'll be a lot more FUN, which I'm dying to see. That's what I want from this show - fun, silliness, a little bit of drama, and a lot of Ron-Ron-Juice.

Now, let's talk about the reunion. It was pretty lame. We already know a lot of what's been going on since Italy. Snooki is still with Jionni, she and Jenni are still friends despite having their issues, Mike and Snooki are still not friends. No real revelations or surprises at all. And that host is the worst. I would rather see Kenny Santucci from The Hookup host this thing. Speaking of The Hookup, that was lame too. It was all the same information regurgitated back up again. Just show us season 5, already!

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