Thursday, October 6, 2011

On Display

What else could I possibly choose for the title of this blog post?! LOL! I tell you what, that song is catchy as a mutha.

On this past episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, we pick up on the beach after the Teresa/Kathy face off where Teresa basically went batshit for no reason. Oh, you need me to be more specific? Because that's happened in almost every single episode this season? No worries, I feel your pain. The season is almost over, and I have to say I feel a little bit of relief and a little bit of sadness. I'm guilty of loving this show and hating it at the same time. I need help.

Back to the episode. After the fight, Teresa finds it necessary to pretend it didn't happen and parade around like she's in the Miss Universe pageant. Mamita, I'm sorry, but you wouldn't win, and you definitely would not get Miss Congeniality. Speaking of pageants, at dinner, the Manzo boys (plus Greg) decide to pick "Punta Princesses". Now, is it just me, or does that not sound like a very appealing title? Maybe because the way they say it, it sounds like "Puta" Princesses, and if you speak Spanish, that's definitely not something a lady wants to be called. Another thing, if you're going to put on a fake pageant, at least take the time to make some fake crowns. You know Greg has some rhinestones and a glue gun somewhere in his carry-on.

So, Teresa gets the style award, Kathy gets the creativity award, and Melissa gets the intellect award. Totally wrong categories by the way. They should have been: Best Use of a Bandana in a Supporting Role, Most Likely to be Spotted by a Cruise Ship from the Beach due to Shiny Material, and Gaudiest Combination of Animal Prints by a Solo Artist. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do an awards ceremony. Teresa consistently acts like a child, and it's never more evident than in this very scene. The minute the spotlight turns to someone else, her face falls and she can't take it. Need proof? Watch this.

Now, I gotta talk about the shopping trip. Or I should say, the field trip to the outside meat market. Um, gross. I'm with Lauren. I may never eat meat again. I gotta say Teresa is not easily phased and she handles those pig feet and headless chickens like a champ. My hat's off to you on that one, Tre. You're a braver guidette than I could ever be.

Back in the glorious state of Jersey, Melissa prepares for her performance at the blk launch party. I admit, I wanna try this stuff. If anyone can hook up a free sample, I'm just saying. Now, as for the performance itself, it was definitely entertaining. Melissa brought her diva-ness and really played the part. However, I was disappointed to hear the track playing instead of her actual voice. I'm thinking the sound levels were off or something. Not like that's ever stopped Bravo before. Remember Kim Zolciak's painful "whoa whoa whoa whoa - the reeeng didn't meeen a theeeng" moment? As Nene would say, BAM!

I did get a little emotional when Melissa talked about wishing her dad could have been there to see her perform. I can't imagine not having my dad around for such a big moment.

At the party, Teresa approaches Kathy and takes her outside to talk. I don't blame Kathy for being nervous. You never know which Tre you're gonna get. And can I just say that "Tre" is probably my favorite nickname ever? Anyway, Tre actually apologizes for being too aggressive with Kathy on the beach and kind of sort of sounds sincere. I can't really tell anymore. But hey, an apology is an apology, and Kathy, being the class act that she is, accepts it. I LOVE Kathy's sister Rosie, staring out at Tre and Kathy the whole time, keeping the watch and just waiting for an excuse to pop Teresa in the face. Thankfully, she didn't need to.

Next week is Fabulicious-gate, and no, they're not fighting about how stupid the title is. I can't wait to see Caroline put Teresa in her place - oh and the Jacqueline/Teresa battle begins to brew. Can't wait!!

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