Friday, October 7, 2011

Race to the Top

West Side Story is one of my most favorite movies ever. I've mentioned before that I used to watch it almost every day as a child. Why I haven't made my Broadway debut yet is beyond me. The latest episode of "Glee" centers around West Side Story - more specifically, the casting choices for the lead roles.

Mike Chang, who impressed me a great deal in this episode, is struggling with his father's extremely high expectations of him. Mike got an A- (which is referred to as an "Asian F" apparently), and has to hide the fact that he's practicing for his audition for the role of Riff, Tony's best friend. I think this is a great role for him, since he has the dancing chops and acting ability. His audition is stellar, and his voice is awesome. His mother understands that his dream is to be a performer, and unlike his father, won't steer him into a career he doesn't want. She confesses that she wanted to be a dancer when she was young, but put her aspirations aside to have a family. The moment when Mike teaches his mother to dance was especially touching.

Brittany is bringing out the big guns in the race for class president. And when I say guns, I mean Beyonce dance moves. She killed "Who Run The World (Girls)" and all but eliminated Kurt from having any kind of chance to win. She's evidently running on a platform of girl power, and it seems to be working.

Meanwhile, Mercedes is in a personal crisis. She's in pain in booty camp and not getting any sympathy from Mr. Shuster or anyone else for that matter. She turns in a wonderful audition for the role of Maria, but the wait to find out who got the role is weighing heavily on her. When Mercedes can't (or won't) do a particularly difficult dance move in booty camp, the glee club turns on her and she knocks "It's All Over" from "Dreamgirls" out of the park. But that's not all. Rachel and Mercedes are then told they have to audition again for the role of Maria, singing the same song - "Out Here On My Own". Both of them do amazingly well - which is why they're both cast in the role, one will perform one week and the other the next. Rachel seems to be ok with this arrangement, but Mercedes isn't having it. If she can't have the role all to herself, she doesn't want it at all. To what do we owe this bold, brazen, and almost bully-ish Mercedes? I think it has something to do with this new boyfriend of hers. Mercedes then approaches Shelby to be a part of the new glee club ... interesting!

Rachel is shocked by Mercedes' reaction to the casting news, but that's the least of her worries. She was so desperate to have her senior year be great that she decided to run for class president as well, thereby hurting Kurt's feelings even more. Kurt just can't get a break, am I right? Rachel's spinning since she basically got the role by default, which in her mind is unacceptable.

Mr. Shuster and Emma are still going strong despite Emma's ginger-supremacist parents who like to ridicule her OCD. Damn, these two love each other.

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