Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Being Boss is Hard

The latest episode of "The Office" was a little slow. I really hope the show finds their rhythm and doesn't get worse. The episode was alright, but definitely not amazing.

Andy is desperate for Robert's approval, so when Robert spouts off some ridiculous goal of the staff doubling their profits, Andy will do whatever it takes to help them meet that goal. He implements an incentive system, which includes a variety of prizes for increasing profits. The biggest incentive of all is his promise to get a tattoo on his ass, the actual tattoo itself would be the staff person's choice. Jim comes up with the great idea to pool all of the office's profit/incentive points together to meet the requisite number for the tattoo prize more quickly. And they do, to Andy's horror.

When Robert is asked why he picked Andy to be manger, he snidely states that he is the underdog and as such he will inspire the unexceptional. I hate this guy.

To find out if Andy actually got the butt tattoo, watch the episode here. There are some really funny moments, but like I said, it is a little slow.

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