Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hear What Happened

I'm still so excited about calling in and getting through to talk to Andy Cohen and Sarah Jessica Parker on the Watch What Happens Live After Show last night. It was surprisingly simple. Here's how it went.

I live on the west coast, and the show tapes live at 11 pm Eastern time. So I knew I had to call right at 8 pm my time. Now, I tried to call in on Sunday night, but I didn't get through because I waited until after 8 pm. This time I called exactly at 8, and it worked.

When you call the first thing you hear is a disclaimer, so you have to press 1 to accept all the rules and regulations. Then the line rings until someone from Watch What Happens Live picks up. A very nice lady asked me what my question was going to be, and I told her. I was going to ask SJP what her favorite Housewives catchphrase of all time was (ex: Who's gonna check me, boo?, Plonk!, Bra-er, Turtle time, Kellamity, etc). The very nice lady said they already had a question lined up that was similar, and then asked if I would mind asking how the trip to Morocco on the Housewives of New York compared to the trip on Sex and The City 2. I, of course, said yes, since I really just wanted to ask her anything. I'm a huge fan. And I also wanted to tell Andy how much I love him.

So the very nice lady put me on hold. I was on hold for about 20 minutes - sidenote: they make you listen to some college gameshow which is kind of annoying but not terrible - and I started to worry that I wouldn't make it on the live broadcast. Sure enough, the very nice lady gets back on the line and asks if it's ok if I'm the first caller on the after show. Of course! I just want to talk to these two lovely people! And I love the after show, so I really didn't mind. I'm put on hold again.

Finally, the very nice lady comes back on and says that she will put me on with Andy and Sarah and tells me what to say again and says to be very animated and excited. She asks me to count to ten out loud and then says to listen for Andy to ask my name and location. I can hear the after show music, I can hear Andy and Sarah, and my heart is pounding. I try to keep calm and remember what I'm supposed to say. I also try to come up with something witty to throw out there to see if Andy's in a playful mood or not.

Andy finally says those famous words, "What's your name and where are you calling from?" And I say ... well, just watch for yourself here!

Now, here's what I was thinking as it was happening. I really wanted to make Andy laugh but I tripped over the question at first and worried I lost him. I did get a second question in as well as a Luann comment about "Yahabibi". It really happened so fast, I really can't remember it all. It really is a blur. I know that sounds corny, but it's true. And Sarah was so amazingly sweet. Oh and Andy said he loved me! LOL

So that was the experience, let me know if you have any questions about it. I'll definitely be calling in again. Maybe Andy will remember me? What do you think? Tweet me!