Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awkward Kiss

Watch What Happens Live was kind of a disaster on Monday night. Courtney Kerr and Matt Nordgren are the guests. I'll be honest, I didn't watch "Most Eligible Dallas", except for like 15 minutes of the 3rd or 4th episode. So I'm not that invested in these people. But I'm an open minded person, and was willing to give them a chance to woo me through my television set.

It didn't work out. Courtney was kinda drunk, and not in a good Regina King kinda way. She was loud, obnoxious, and annoying. Matt was dull as dull can be. He's a pretty face with a dumb brain. No wonder the ladies love him.

We had to endure a 5 minute segment discussing whether or not they dated. Or just hooked up. Or dated. Oy. I honestly couldn't wait for this show to be over.

Then they played a game where they had to kiss and each time was super cringey.

Even Andy looked irritated. Especially when Courtney had the nerve to give him a RANGERS cap! A RANGERS cap?? Really!!! I'm SO glad Andy refused to put it on. GO CARDS!!

Oh and I called in, and got through. But some mean lady hung up on me. So I called back, and told her my question (do either of them know any of the cast members on A-List Dallas on Logo?), and she said they already had a similar question. And hung up on me again! I'm starting to think they just say they already have a similar question when they just don't like your question. Why did I get the mean lady this time? I want the nice lady.

But she did me a favor, because that show was a mess. If you want to see what I'm talking about, here you go.

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