Friday, October 7, 2011

After the Aftermath

Jersey Shore was a little on the boring side this week, so this will be brief. Let's start with the most exciting bit first.

Snooki threw every glass, bottle, bowl, and household item she could at Mike when she found out he called his friend "The Unit" (as Sam calls him) and told him to call Jionni about their hookup. Problem is, Mike didn't tell The Unit to do anything, they just talked about the hookup itself. Creepy. So, being the genius that Mike is, he decides to make a rumor up about himself and spread it in the house himself, and then act like he proved some great point when Snooks finds out about it. Dumb. No joke these people gossip about their roommates, great discovery there, Sherlock! Snooki is livid and can't stand the sight of Mike anymore. Me too, Nicole, me too.

The rest of the episode was pretty tame. Snooki revealed her night with Vinny to Jionni over the phone and he takes her back. But Nicole can't remember what exactly went on, so she asks Vin to clarify things - after talking to Jionni, which makes no sense. She should have talked to Vinny first. Anyway, Vinny lets her know that they did in fact have intercourse, so she has to call Jionni again and tell him the bad news. His response is this week's cliffhanger. We already know they're together now, so even if he breaks up with her over this, they get back together at some point. See what I mean? Tame.

I did think the dynamic between Jenni and Snooki was interesting in this episode. They've been running hot and cold with each other this whole season, and Jenni is taking her nurturing to the level of nagging in this particular instance. Don't get me wrong, I love JWOWW, but I can see how Nicole would tire of her beating her over the head with the constant reminders of what she did wrong to ruin her relationship with Jionni. But we've all been there, someone tries to be real with us and we just don't want to hear it. They remain friends in the end, and all is right in the Jersey Shore family. Even Sam and Ron are getting along!

Vinny visits his family with the guys in Sicily, and it's absolutely beautiful there. His family seems so great. He's really lucky to have 4 living generations in his family - and to actually get to meet them in person in his mother's homeland. Awesome part of the show.

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