Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spa Day

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just keeps chugging along, and I have to say, this episode was actually a welcome break from the tension, although there were plenty of catty moments.

The scene with Lisa and Adrienne and their twin chickens was hilarious. I'm so glad Adrienne has her lovely chef Bernie. His facial expressions are on the Alex McCord level of entertaining. Lisa's one liners were classic, and I almost died when Adrienne put her hand soap on the raw chicken carcass. You gotta be kidding me.

On to the main event, the spa day at Adrienne's mansion. Can I just say, I want to be adopted by Adrienne SO bad. I just want to live every day of the rest of my life in that house. I take that back. I want to have shared custody between Adrienne and Lisa. That way I can just run across the street and have my pick of fabulousness and luxuriousness in two different mansions. But enough about me. I love how Adrienne says she bought the spa equipment the same way I say I bought a new bra. Like, why not? It's just practical. It needed to be done, no big deal. Well, she did a great job because the spa inside her house looks ten times nicer than any spa I've ever been to.

All the ladies are in attendance, even Kim, which is nice. I love seeing Kyle and Kim act like teenagers together. They are pretty cute. Even if they are a bit bratty. All in all though, they're on good behavior as the spa scene begins. They're just mischievous. Yeah, let's go with that.

Brandi hobbles in (seriously, when is that ankle gonna heal, already?!), and the tension goes through the roof. Honestly, I do feel for the girl. No one wants to be singled out and ostracized in a group setting like she was at game night, but she got a couple jabs in herself. And her saying Kim was doing crystal meth was totally uncalled for. Even Brandi admits she pulled that one out of her ass.

Adrienne does her best to play peacemaker but only ends up looking like a meddler. I swear, sometimes you just have to let people handle things in their own time. After about what seemed like 20 minutes going back and forth between Brandi and the Richards sisters, Kyle finally speaks to Brandi. It goes about as well as expected. Brandi apologizes for the way things went down at game night, and Kyle bashes Brandi about her meth comment like 50 times. We get it, Kyle, don't make accusations like that. We know. The whole thing was wrong from the start. Brandi does have a point, the Richards sisters did start the rudeness, and she overreacted. Best thing would have been a mutual apology with no explanations or excuses and just move on. But you can't do that if you don't really think you were wrong. Which means, you shouldn't be apologizing in the first place!

Kim is upset that Kyle is even speaking to Brandi, even if it is only to pound her over the head about the meth accusation. In Kim's interviews she seems ... relaxed? Loopy? Paula Abdul-esque, shall we say? Bottom line, Kim doesn't do herself any favors by being so ... off the rails.

Lisa's friend wants to give Pandora an Arabian Nights engagement party in his house, which is ridiculously over the top Aladdin-ed out. Dress me up like Jasmine and let's party! Just kidding. His child-girlfriend is beautiful and of course, super quiet and obedient. Just like the mail order bride catalog promised.

My favorite moment of the show had to be Mauricio's pool time. He's scrumptious.

Watch What Happens Live wasn't so scrumptious, I'm afraid. Brandi and Dana seemed to be kind of at odds with each other and it was distracting. I love that the whole show focused on Brandi with Dana sort of chiming in for no reason. Kinda sad. Dana really doesn't bring anything to the table except $25,000 sunglasses, and even then, it's a disappointment because the glasses are more interesting than she is. The After Show was boring as well. If you want to catch up, check it out here. Although, Jeremiah from the Rachel Zoe Project was funny (too bad I don't watch that show). By the way, same thing happened on the Wendy Williams Show. A lot of Brandi, not so much Dana.

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