Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jersey's A Battlefield

I can't believe the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 2 is already over. It was a blur, honestly. I can't even do a recap at this point. Here's my thoughts about it in no particular order.

Caroline: Well, I'm on the fence about this one, now. She was definitely livid at the reunion. Every chance she got, she threw a daggers at Teresa. She blamed Teresa for the fact that Dina is no longer speaking to her, she called her selfish, among other things - she basically threw her under the bus, backed the bus up, and ran her over a couple times. I can't say for sure that I believe Caroline 100%. The part about the apartment at the Brownstone was so brief, it hardly registered. I'm glad Albie, Chris, and Lauren are doing well, and I'm glad she and Al are happy together. I wanted her to produce those emails she supposedly has to bury Teresa with, but she didn't. I also want her and Dina to speak again. No one should come between sisters. If we learned anything from this season, it's to keep family together at all costs. Now, the part I did agree with Caroline about was Gia's tragic song about her uncle and mom not getting along. It was so sad. I felt bad for Gia, and it did seem like Teresa should have maybe told Gia to do it off camera. But we have to remember, Gia is working for Teresa with her modeling ventures, so maybe this was Teresa's way of getting some business offers for Gia. I'm just saying. Caroline scratching her ass was probably the funniest thing to happen on this reunion full of venom, so I welcome that. However, Teresa and Caroline calling each other "full of sh*t" was almost more than I could bear. Caroline, my advice to you is to take a break from this show (after season 4, of course), and get your books and radio show to the next level. Try to get on Sirius XM and show Teresa and the world that you're not just the overbearing older sister. Show them that you've got more to give, and that you're not jealous or bitter about anyone else's success. Do it to shut Teresa up once and for all.

Teresa: I could not take Teresa seriously on this reunion, partly because she sells her stories to gossip magazines, which are usually trashing the other wives. That alone makes her persona non grata in my book. But, let's just talk about her excuses, I mean answers, to Andy Cohen's questions. She doesn't regret anything, she did nothing wrong, and she thinks everyone around her is to blame. That was pretty much it. She kept saying, "if she were a good cousin/sister in law/friend" - I mean, fill in the blank. I just wanted her to say, just one time, "You know what, I reacted in a childish way about a lot of things. I see that now, and I'm sorry." But that never happened. She just kept attacking Caroline about not talking to Dina and other siblings. My thing is, who cares if Caroline has problems in her family? They're not on the show, probably for a reason. So focus on the show. Talk about resolving the issues with your cast mates, who are also your family. Teresa squealed, yelled, and rolled her eyes like she was doing her best Ashley impression. All in all, it wasn't pretty. Teresa couldn't quite explain away her husband's use of a gay slur, though. Andy was not about to let that one go. And with good reason. Teresa seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that we, the audience, see the entirety of the episodes. Not just the parts that make her look good. We've seen her husband call her family members horrible names. We've seen her act like a child when she isn't the center of attention. Just because you have a certain perception of yourself, doesn't make it the reality. Teresa, listen to me. Take a break. Stop with the product hawking (Fabellini) and stop with the gossip magazines. You're gonna take yourself right out of the equation. You said what you needed to say all season. We get it. You're the fairest of them all (in your head). Focus on your financial situation and get your family back together.

Melissa: I was actually really proud of Melissa on the reunion. She came off looking like a classier version of herself. She was calm (most of the time), and she called Teresa out on a lot of things. Who knew Teresa and Dina weren't speaking for a while! Anyway, Melissa handled Teresa's jabs well, in my opinion. At times, she couldn't contain her disbelief of what was coming out of Teresa's mouth, which was kind of funny to watch. Melissa - be careful of getting too close to the frenemy Caroline, though. I know having a common enemy makes it really tempting, but just stand on your own for a while. Actually, stand with Kathy, who's been there for you since the beginning. She's your ally. She's the one you stick with. Got it?

Kathy: I love Kathy. She is, by far, the sanest person on this show. I really enjoy her, even if we don't get to hear from her too much. Actually, I think it's better that way. She's not the spotlight type. She's the backup, and a little from her is awesome, compared to a lot of Teresa. Kathy made some good points about Teresa regarding the Gia situation, and also about staying in reality, as opposed to getting caught up in the fame game. She also clarified that Teresa wasn't there for her family as much as she claims. If it's all true, I say, spill it. To be fair, Kathy can pretty much do no wrong with me. So hate on her if you must, but tell me: who would you rather spend an afternoon with? Thank you. And I have the same advice for Kathy as I do for Melissa - stick together. Don't think Caroline is your friend for the long haul. I don't think Caroline is an evil person or anything, but she's mad at the same person you're mad at. Once that passes, you won't have as strong of a bond anymore.

Jacqueline: I'm still so disappointed she wasn't there. I think she may have been able to shed more light on the Teresa situation, but she tweeted that she couldn't talk about season 4 on the reunion, so there was really no point in going. I beg to differ, Jac. You could have expressed your feelings towards Teresa without giving anything away. You could have updated us on your relationship with Dina. And you could have shown us, your fans, that you didn't just give up. Because that's how it felt.

Andy Cohen: You know I love me some Andy. I don't think he was too hard on Teresa at all. Honestly, he HAD to ask the questions that the audience demanded answers to. I'm sure some questions were closer to his heart than others, though. When he was trying to make Teresa understand how much that gay slur hurts, you could almost feel his frustration. He was obviously irritated by her flippant attitude and total refusal to admit any fault. I actually loved it when he corrected her when she misspoke ("distant" instead of "distanced"). We have to remember what we're dealing with here. Teresa is a nutjob who can't articulate her own thoughts. I still want to talk to her ghost-writer. I'm serious. No wonder she has miscommunications with the people in her life. Andy, you did fine. You have to call it like you see it, and you were looking at a brick wall in a blue dress. I feel for you, buddy.

Now, before you bash me as a Teresa hater, just think of how you'd reason with Teresa about ANYTHING. Just think - how would I convince Teresa of something? How would that go? How would she react? I think you know the answer. Again, I'm on the fence about Caroline, as I can see how she gets controlling and overbearing at times. But I think I could have a reasonable conversation with her.

On Watch What Happens Live, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were hilarious as only Housewives superfans can be. They nailed each of the housewives and househusbands perfectly. And they were great guests. The after show was fun, too. I called in, but couldn't get through. I'm starting to think they're screening my calls (at least the mean lady might be). Check it all out here.

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