Friday, October 7, 2011

Scripted Perfection

I'm so glad there are GOOD scripted shows out there. Now, you know I love my reality shows, but sometimes a good scripted comedy is just what the doctor ordered.

Here are a few of my favorites from this week:

New Girl: This show continues to delight me. Zooey Deschanel is still as cute and funny as ever, and the supporting cast is getting some dimension with some solid plot lines. This week's episode took place at a wedding where Jess has to pretend to be one of the roommates' girlfriend to keep a mean-girl ex from breaking his heart again. Jess takes her duty as fake girlfriend very seriously, and comedy ensues. Look out for the awesome chicken dance - Jess-style. Peck, peck, peck!

Parks and Recreation: Leslie has written a book about Pawnee, the town she loves so much, and can't wait for it to be chosen as official book club selection by a local tv host. Unfortunately, there's a slight problem with one of Leslie's claims in the book, which means she has to defend herself and the book, all while running for office. I loved this episode. Especially Rashida Jones' character Ann trying to socialize with Ron and April, perhaps the two least social people in the office. And there's plenty of Aziz Ansari's craziness as Tom Haverford including a hilarious dinner scene with the local tv host and Ben.

The Office: Crisis descends upon the Scranton branch when the warehouse workers win the lottery. Darryl used to be in that lottery pool until he got promoted. Feeling sorry for himself, he begs to be fired, but Andy just can't do it. Meanwhile, Erin, Jim, and Kevin volunteer to take over warehouse duties for the day. This episode was a lot better than last week's for sure.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Dee is being audited since she's still claiming that baby she had last season as a dependent. If you don't recall, she was actually a surrogate for someone else. So when the IRS comes calling, she has to get her hands on a baby quick or else she'll owe the government all of her newly spent surrogate money. The guys are in a pickle as well. Well, at least Charlie and Mac are - they've formed the Pickle Party in order to make their wishes known to Frank and Dennis. Unfortunately, neither side has enough votes to win, so Mac and Charlie convince Dee to be on their side if they help her with her baby dilemma. I can't say any more about this episode since I think it pretty much tops any episode of this show ever. It's dark, twisted, wrong, but funny. Don't watch if you're easily offended.

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